Please take the time to respond to the 2mn survey announced at the end of the workshop so as to inform next year's event.


Ruth Maddison's photos have been made available on the event google account and are now available from the homepage. If some of you have photos they would also like to share, please provide them to (by email, dropbox, or other suitable tool depending on their size), thanks.


The google hangout recordings of most sessions (not all as a few speakers preferred not to be recorded) are now available as youtube videos embedded on the program page.


Speakers presentations are also available via links in the program for those who have agreed to make them public.

Tricky Situations

The session led by Brian Schmidt was inspired by and used some of the material available here.

Top 5 Things to Change in Australian Astronomy

Here is a summary of the session led by Matthew Colless and other relevant comments from the discussion panel.

Pleiades Awards

Details available on the Women in Astronomy web site.


A story of all the tweets produced during the workshop.

Event coverage

Articles published about the workshop and/or its outcomes will also be included on the workshop web site as they become available. If you know of any relevant article that is not on the list, please let us know at Meanwhile, you are all invited to enjoy Lisa Harvey-Smith's piece on the "Women in Science Australia" blog, and Tanya Hill's article published in "The Conversation".