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  • 1958: Priscilla Bok hosting a picnic in the Director's garden
  • L to R: Doris Hogg, Miriam Dunham and Priscilla Bok, hosting a birthday party, March 19, 1958 in typical style
  • 1957: Professor Bart Bok welcomes the Japanese Prime Minister, Nobusuke Kishi, and staff  to the 74" dome and telescope
  • 1958: Miriam Phillips Dunham, author of children's books on astronomy
  • 50" Telescope Dome's office
  • 1958: Mrs. Bok at kids' birthday party with boy and his dog!
  • 1958: Academic procession at ANU
  • The gardens at the Director's Residence on Mt. Stromlo often provided the setting for observatory visitor-receptions
  • Rosalie Gascoigne (left) and Proscilla Bok elped catalogue studies of the Southern Skies in Mt. Stromlo's library

50" Telescope Dome's office

                                50" Telescope Dome's office               More
50" Telescope Dome's office Shown are some of the observatory's thousands of hand-written records and files, commonplace in scientific research before the computer revolution late 20th century.
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