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Fifth Stromlo 


The idea behind this meeting is to explore the common physics underlying accretion, energy generation and outflow in different systems such as black holes with masses ranging from a few to several billion solar masses, young stellar objects, the early phases of protoplanetary disks and starburst galaxies. Sessions will cover new theoretical ideas and results and new observational data from space- and ground-based observatories, including Chandra, HST, Gemini, HESS, Keck, Spitzer, Swift, VLT and XMM. It is envisaged that a number of people will be interested in attending both this meeting and the Texas Symposium, which will be held in Melbourne during the following week (11 -15 December).


The program of talks will be from Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December. Sessions will be organised along the following lines with both invited and contributed talks. Poster sessions will be arranged if necessary to cope with the number of participants.


1 AGN: magnetic transport; relativistic effects; powering of coronae; analogies with micro-blazars

2 Micro-blazars and Ultra-luminous X-ray sources: high/soft and low/hard states

3 YSOs and Protoplanetary systems

Small scale jets and winds

4 AGN: Blazars; Multi-wavelength studies of jets in the GLAST era; intraday variablity; launching; mass loading and Lorentz factor; associated winds; radio-loud/radio-quiet quasars and radio galaxies

5 Gamma-ray bursters: launching; hyper-relativistic jets; mass loading; Afterglows Large scale jets and winds

Large scale jets and winds

6 AGN and Starburst Galaxies: Interaction with ISM; feedback in galaxy formation; large scale jets observed with Chandra; Interaction with cooling flows; multi-wavelength emission

Planets, Star formation, Jets from evolved stars

7 YSOs and planetary disks: Interaction with environment; feedback in star formation; Herbig Haro objects; Bipolar flows; winds and jets as transporters of angular momentum. Jets from evolved stars

8 Pulsars: Plerions, wind simulations, launching of jets

9 Evolved stars: Jets from AGB stars and white dwarfs; planetary nebulae with jets.

Invited speakers

  • John Bally - Jets in Herbig Haro objects
  • Geoff Bicknell - Linkage between Accretion Disks and Blazars
  • Joss Bland-Hawthorn - Starburst Winds
  • Katherine Blundell - SS 433
  • Sylvie Cabrit - Jets/Winds in YSOs
  • Okkie de Jager - Pulsar Winds
  • Bryan Gaensler - Jets and Outflows from Young Neutron Stars
  • John Hawley - General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Disks and Jets
  • Ray Jayawardhana - Disks around Young Stars and Brown Dwarfs
  • Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer - Intraday Variability
  • Ken Kellerman - Doppler Boosting, Superluminal Motion, and the Kinematics of AGN Jets
  • Zdenka Kuncic - Physics of Accretion Disks
  • Julie McEnery - Prospects with GLAST
  • Peter McGregor - Gemini observations of YSO and Galactic Disks
  • Jonathan McKinney - Launching of Jets from AGN Disks
  • Jean-Pierre Macquart - Theoretical Aspects of IDV and Circular Polarization
  • Herman Marshall - Chandra Jets Survey
  • Paul O'Brien - Observations of GRBs
  • Manfred Pakull - Spectroscopic study of ULX optical counterparts
  • Tim Roberts - X-ray observations of ultraluminous X-ray sources
  • Elena Rossi - Theory of Gamma Ray Bursters
  • Rita Sambruna - Multi-wavelength timing of blazars
  • Hsien Shang - Jets in Herbig Haro Objects
  • Ralph Sutherland - Interaction of Jets with the ISM of Radio Galaxies
  • Fabrizio Tavecchio - Jets on pc and kpc scales
  • Stefan Wagner - Hard gamma-rays from Jets and Winds
  • Mark Wardle - Magnetic fields in YSO discs

Updates to the program, including additions to the list of invited speakers will be posted on this site.

Scientific Organising Committee

Geoff Bicknell (co-chair), Maria Cunningham, Neil Gehrels, Alice Harding, Zdenka Kuncic, Charley Lineweaver, Laura Maraschi, Eric Perlman, Raquel Salmeron, Rita Sambruna (co-chair), Roberto Soria, Stefan Wagner, Mark Wardle

Image captions

Main Image : Colour-coded image of the starburst galaxy M82. Stars rendered from blue green and red images taken with the NASA Hubble Space Telescope; Hydrogen emission image from the WIYN telescope rendered in purple. Mark Westmoquette (UCL), Jay Gallagher (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Linda Smith (UCL), WIYN/NSF, NASA/ESA

Smaller Images L to R :

  • Composite radio (VLA) and X-ray image (CXO) of the jet in Centaurus A. Martin Hardcastle and colleagues. NASA/CXC, VRAO VLA, Bristol University
  • Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Roberto Soria
  • Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet Image courtesy of Australian Capital Tourism
  • Spitzer image of the Cosmic Tornado HH49/50. John Bally and colleagues, University of Colorado, JPL Caltech, NASA
  • Central Canberra Image courtesy of Australian Capital Tourism