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Fifth Stromlo Symposium

Proceedings of the Fifth Stromlo Symposium: Jets Winds and Disks - from Planets to Quasars

• The proceedings of 5th Stromlo will be published in a special issue of Astrophysics and Space Science. Page charges were included in your registration fee.

• Invited (30 min) talks have an allocation of 10 pages; contributed (15 min) talks and poster papers have an allocation of 5 pages.

• The editors are: Geoff Bicknell, Mike Dopita, Charlie Lineweaver and Rita Sambruna.

• The various LaTeX style and example files are contained in the gzipped tar file Stromlo5.tar.gz The archive contains:

  • Stromlo5a.tex - Template file with instructions for use with BibTeX
  • spr-astr-addons.sty - Springer Verlag package for additional LaTeX features
  • usrguid2.pdf - Userguide for Springer Verlag documents
  • sample.bib - Sample bibliography file
  • Spr-mp-nameyear.bst - bibliography style file for formatting references in Astrophysics & Space science format
  • hh49.pdf - First sample figure
  • uchiyama.pdf - Second sample figure
You will also need the AASTeX macros available from the AASTeX web-site.


• Ensure that you use the twocolumn option in the LaTeX preamble; this gives you more space.

• The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is 2 March 2007. Many of the talks delivered at this meeting included excellent review material and these, together with the more focused but high standard research talks will make for an outstanding issue.

• Note that colour figures are encouraged!

• Figures can be either in pdf or eps format. However, we prefer the former; if possible convert your eps files to pdf.

• For BibTeX users: A new style file has just been produced by Springer which formats refeences in the format required for Astrophysics and Space Science. This is downloadable from the above list.

• When manuscripts have been received they will be forwarded by the editors to referees selected from the participants at the meeting. Therefore you can expect to receive 1 or perhaps 2 manuscripts to referee.

Instructions for downloading your manuscript:

• Connect to the Astrophysics & Space Science web page.

• The web page has detailed instructions for intending authors and reviewers. However, your first action will be to click the register button (located near the top left of the page) to register as a new author.

• Following registration as a new author and confirmation from Astrophysics & Space Science you will be able to login in the Astrophysics & Space Science editorial manager as an author.

• After logging in as an author select "Special Issue Fifth Stromlo Symposium" from the drop down list of publications and then follow the instructions for submitting your manuscript.

• When your manuscript has been submitted the system will inform the editors and a referee will be assigned to it.

• You will be informed within a month of the referee's report and any changes that are required.