Mechanics Lectures

Tentative Schedule

  1. 21st Feb Introduction, three principles (conceptual, not mathematical)
  2. 23rd Feb Energy, motion, springs and gravity cases
  3. 25th Feb Momentum, F=ma, constant force case
  4. 28th Feb Torque, Levers, moment of inertia, rotational energy
  5. 2nd March Uncertainties, Purpose, scatter and propagation
  6. 4th March Checking and Circular Motion
  7. 7th March Oscillation, Centrifugal Force
  8. 9th March Kinematics and Force Misconceptions, Iteration
  9. 11th March Iteration, Contact Forces
  10. 16th March Problem Solving Strategy, Contact Forces and Friction/Drag
  11. 18th March Vectors, Collisions
  12. 21st March Collisions continued, Newton's third law, systems, Free Body Diagrams
  13. 23rd March Work, Energy Systems
  14. 25th March Heat and Heat Transfer
  15. 28th March Rotation and Angles
  16. 30th March Angular momentum
  17. 1st April Vector Angular Momentum
  18. 4th April Pressure and buoyancy
  19. 6th April Probability Distribution Functions
  20. 8th April Standard Uncertainties, Significance and Quadrature
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