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We study the formation and evolution of stars, galaxies, the interstellar medium and planets. We use a mix of theory, analytics, supercomputer simulations and observations. We also develop new numerical algorithms and observational techniques for star and galaxy formation, turbulence, magneto-hydrodynamic dynamos, and fluid dynamics in general.

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Federrath - Research Group (Jan 2023)
Jan 2023 (from left to right): Christoph, Neco, Tanmay, Amit, James W., Justin, Khushi, Shyam, Subhrat, Hilay, Sajay, James B.

Gadi excursion (May 2022)
May 2022, Gadi excursion (from left to right): Christoph, Radhika, Amit, Sajay, Rajsekhar, Shyam, Matt, Neco, Maddie, Yifei, James, Bella

Federrath - Research Group (Nov 2018)
Nov 2018: Sarah (visitor from Uni Heidelberg), Aris, Christoph, Yixiao, Shivan, Tim, Reggie, Eloise, Piyush, Diane, Rajsekhar, Alec, Phil, Ella

Federrath - Research Group (Aug 2017)
Aug 2017: Ayan, Adam, Reggie, Piyush, Aris (inside laptop :-), Ella, Phil, Erica, Christoph

Federrath - Research Group (Jun 2017)
Jun 2017: Gautam, Ayan, Reggie, Phil, Christoph, Ella, Yixiao

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