Federrath - Teaching: Java Applets

In the course of my undergraduate studies I wrote a few Java Applets to solve complex physical problems involving non-linear equations in Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics and Thermodynamics. A Java browser plugin is required for these applets to run. Java source code and Mathematica notebooks (for computing the solutions of the Lagrange equation) are also provided below.

Numerov- and Schiess-Algorithm Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
Guitar Guitar.java  
Numerical solution of the Schroedinger-equation to find eigenvalues and eigenstates in different potentials Numerov.java  
Diffusion Limited Aggregation Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
DLA DLA.java  
Oscillators Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
Harmonic oscillator Oscillator.java  
Anharmonic oscillator OsciAnharm.java OsciAnharm.nb
2 oscillators with coupling OsciCoupling.java OsciCoupling.nb
2 anharmonic oscillators with coupling Osci2Anharm.java Osci2Anharm.nb
Vibration-Rotator VibRot.java  
Pendulums Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
Double-Pendulum DoubPend.java DoubPend.nb
Triple-Pendulum TripPend.java TripPend.nb
Triple-Bar-Pendulum TripBarPend.java TripBarPend.nb
Quad-Bar-Pendulum QuadBarPend.java QuadBarPend.nb
Pendulum with free mounting FreePend.java  
Driven pendulum DrivPend.java DrivPend.nb
Driven pendulum Y DrivPendY.java DrivPendY.nb
Driven triple pendulum Driv3PendY.java Driv3PendY.nb
Deterministic Chaos Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
2 Double-Pendulums Chaos.java  
N-Body-Simulations Source Code Mathematica Notebooks
Gas in a 2-dimensional box Gas.java  
Sun-Earth-Sim. SunEarth.java  

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