Gemini Near-Infrared Integral-Field Spectrograph (NIFS)

Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics    AUSPACE Ltd. Institute for Astronomy

Pupil Mirror Array Manufacture: October 2001

The pupil mirror array for NIFS was successfully manufactured in early October 2001 by Labor fuer Mikrozerspanung (LFM) of the University of Bremen.

The monolithic array of 29 toroidal mirrors are diamond machined in an aluminum bar. The aluminum was coated with electroless nickel prior to machining. The feed from one cutting line to the next was 1 micron.

The RMS surface roughness is 7.6 nm after light post-polishing. A white light interferometric image of a 809 x 614 micron area of the central mirror is shown in the figure below. Other mirrors show similar results.

White light interferometric image of the central element of the pupil mirror array.

Pupil mirror array.

Pupil mirror array in it storage container.

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