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  • A few photos and drawings survived, badly singed.
  • A couple of drawings  survived, severely singed, discoloured and brittle.
  • Remains of plan press.
  • Relics from the drawing office.
  • Library, ready for cleanout.
  • 16 months after the fire, the shelves still hold "books". As soon as the shelves were bumped the ashes collapsed in a
  • Opening a filing cabinet. Only ash in this one as well.
  • Clearing the library. Note the different floor levels. There were at least 4 different levels of underfloor in the library.
  • In several cases, lead flashing has melted and run onto brickwork, producing a negative moulding of the brick brand.

Library, ready for cleanout.

                                      Library, ready for cleanout.                                                                                                           More
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