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The grids and source code are available here.

The "MARCS" grid uses 1D MARCS models with standard alpha-enhancement at low metallicity. Microturbulence is set to 1 km/s for logg >= 4 and 2 km/s for logg < 4, i.e. dwarfs and giants.

The "mean3D" grid uses temporally and spatially averaged <3D> STAGGER models with standard alpha-enhancement at low metallicity. Microturbulence here is set to 1 km/s for logg >= 3.5 and 2 km/s for logg < 3.5.

Please cite the reference paper if you use these routines or grids: Nordlander, T., & Lind, K. 2017, A&A, 607, A75. Additional models and detailed line profiles or fits can be provided on request.

The NLTE and LTE grid structures contain the following fields:

nabund, nteff, nlogg, nfeh - long: number of elements for each parameter nlines - long: number of spectral lines in synthetic grid nlevels - long: long, number of levels in the atomic model abund - fltarr(nabund): [X/Fe] parameters (solar abundance = 6.43) teff - fltarr(nteff): Teff parameters [K] logg - fltarr(nlogg): log(g) parameters [cgs] feh - fltarr(nfeh): [Fe/H] parameters logEW - fltarr(nabund,nteff,nlogg,nfeh,nlines): Grids of equivalent widths, stored as log(EW / pm). These are interpolated to compute NLTE corrections. wavelength - fltarr(nlines): air wavelength in units of Angstrom loggf - fltarr(nlines): line oscillator strengths GA, GQ, GW - fltarr(nlines): Radiative, Starck and Hydrogen collision broadening of spectral lines. When GW = 1.5, the Unsold approximation is used. If GW>20, then BPO broadening is applied to that line. A special format is used where alpha=abs(fix(GW)), sigma=GW-alpha. If GW<-20, then sigma>1, and can be recovered as sigma=10*(abs(GW-fix(GW))). GWrep - strarr(nlines): Human-readable GW, with sigma and alpha separated. irad, jrad - intarr(nlines): Lower and upper level indices of spectral lines. These map the spectral lines to atomic levels. conf - strarr(nlevels): Electron configurations term - strarr(nlevels): Spectroscopic terms spec - strarr(nlevels): Species ec, ev - dblarr(nlevels): Level energies, in units of cm^-1 and eV converged, interpolated - bytarr(nabund,nteff,nlogg,nfeh): Diagnostic variables indicating whether a point on the grid converged, or has been interpolated. If neither flag is set, then curves of growth are not available for that model.

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Thomas Nordlander, RSAA/ANU


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Written, 2017-12-20, TN Modified, 2018-01-22, TN: completely rewritten to use grids stored in structures. This improves portability and compatibility with GDL.

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