Images taken by 2002-2003 RSAA Summer Scholars on the SSO 40 inch telescope on Wed 15 Jan 2003 and Thur 16 Jan 2003

With each image is the objects identifying number, what the object is (usually obvious) and what constellation it is located in. All images were converted from fits format to jpegs. Most of the images are greyscale and were taken without the use of filters. The exception is NGC 3132 Planetary Nebula in Vela which was taken with B, V and R filters and these images combined to make a colour image. Click on the image to see the picture in its actual size.

M42 Orion Nebula

NGC 1360 Planetary Nebula in Fornax

NGC 3132 Planetary Nebula in Vela colour

NGC 3132 Planetary Nebula in Vela through the red (R) filter

NGC 1097 Galaxy in Fornax

NGC 1291 Galaxy in Eridanus

NGC 1313 Galaxy in Reticulum

NGC 1398 Galaxy in Fornax

NGC 1433 Galaxy in Horologium

NGC 1512 Galaxy in Horologium

NGC 1532 Galaxy in Eridanus

NGC 1566 Galaxy in Dorado

NGC 1792 Galaxy in Columba

NGC 1316 Two Galaxies in Fornax

NGC 1230 Galaxy Chain in Eridanus

NGC 1851 Globular Star Cluster in Columba

NGC 2298 Globular Star Cluster in Puppis

Last updated: Mon 10 Mar 03