Uncertainties Video Tutorials

Lesson 1: Using Uncertainties

These lesson introduces you to the use of uncertainties. In particular how to interpret them, and how to factor them in when working out if a theory or prediction is good. It introduces probability distribution functions, the Gaussian Distribution, hypothesis testing and model fitting.

Lesson 2: Measuring Uncertainties

This lesson introduces you to the different types of uncertainty, and how you can estimate them from the scatter in your measurements, or from knowledge of your experimental set-up. It also outlines how to quote uncertainties.

Lesson 3: Propagating Uncertainties

This lesson shows you how to combine uncertainties and calculate with them.

Lesson 4: Uncertainties in Counting Experiments and in averages

Uncertainties are a bit different in counting experiments - this lesson explains how. It also covers averaging and how that affects uncertainties.

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