Sound waves cannot travel through the vacuum of space. But electromagnetic waves can. These electromagnetic waves can be recorded by devices called spectrographs on many of the world's most powerful telescopes.

On this web page, we have converted these electromagnetic waves into sound waves. we've also reduced the frequency 1.75 trillion times: the original frequencies are much too high for humans or even dogs to hear.

This allows us to listen to many parts of the universe for the first time. We can hear the song of a comet, the chimes of stars being born or dying, the choir of a quasar eating the heart of a galaxy, and much more.

Click on the link below, or in the pages linked from the sidebar, to hear the sounds of our universe. Sounds are in mp3 format, and will play automatically on most browsers.

Showcase Sounds

These sounds came originally from an undergraduate research project done by Kirsten Gottschalk, under the supervision of Paul Francis.