Courses recommended for Astronomy and Astrophysics Honours in 2006

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Important Dates:

1st semester 2006: 20 February - 2 June

2nd Semester 2006: 17 July - 27 October

Please note that some of the 1st semester honours courses may run slightly into the teaching free period between 5 June and 14 July.


For the Honours degree, students have to take 6 courses in total. This can be either all six courses offered by RSAA (see below) or equivalent honours courses from Geology, Physics or Math.

A minimum of three courses offered by RSAA have to be taken.

Course work counts 50% towards the final honours mark.

Diffuse Matter in the Universe

18 lectures taught by Mike Dopita

Starting date: 21st February

Time table: every Tuesday at 9.30am-10:30am and 11:30am-12:30pm. Every Thursday at 9.30am-10:30am and 11:30am-12:30pm. Final course date 21. March.

Venue: Woolley Seminar Room, RSAA

Assessment: 1 assignments (due dates TBD), 1 essay on an interstellar physics topic (6-8 pages). A 20 min talk given to peer students at the end of the course

Planetary Science

Taught by Charley Linweaver, Paul Francis, and Trevor Ireland

Starting date: 2nd Semester 2006 (24 July to 9 August)

Lectures are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On each day there is a lecture at 2pm, then break for afternon tea at 3pm, before resuming 3.30 - 4.30.

24- 26 July, Paul

31 July - 2 August, Trevor

7 - 9 August, Charley

Venue: Duffield Lecture Theater, RSAA, Mt Stromlo Observatory

Assessment: TBD

For details, contact Charley Lineweaver

Galaxy Dynamics (Part of ASTR3002)

Taught by Ken Freeman

Starting date: First half of 2nd Semester

Times and Venue: TBD, for venue details click *here*

Assessment: assignments

Syllabus: Galaxies: classification and dynamics. luminous matter and dark matter in galaxies. Text book: Galaxy Dynamics (Binney & Tremaine)

For details, contact Ken Freeman

Cosmology (Part of ASTR3002)

Taught by Brian Schmidt

Starting date: Second half of 2nd Semester

Times and Venue: TBD, for venue details click *here*

Assessment: assignments

Syllabus: The expanding universe and cosmological models.

For details, contact Brian Schmidt

Stellar Evolution, Pulsation and Nucleosynthesis

Taught by Peter Wood

1st Semester

Starting date: 1 March

Two lectures per week (10 lectures in total), 2pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday afternoons

Venue: Duffield Lecture Theater or Woolley Seminar Room, RSAA

Assessment: 3 assignments


Course WWW Page

For details, contact Peter Wood

Stellar Atmospheres and Radiative Transfer

Taught by Martin Asplund

1st Semester

Program: two lectures a week (10-12AM on Wednesdays and one Friday) from March 22 to May 24


March 22, Wednesday, 10-12am, Introduction, radiative processes

March 24, Friday, 10-12am, Radiative transfer

March 29, Wednesday, 10-12am, Model atmospheres

April 5, Wednesday, 10-12am, Spectral line formation

April 12, Wednesday, 10-12am, Non-LTE spectral line formation

April 26, Wednesday, 10-12am, Stellar parameters

May 3, Wednesday, 10-12am, 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres and line formation

May 17, Wednesday, 10-12am, Stellar winds

May 24, Wednesday, 10-12am, Solar atmospheric phenomena

Venue: Duffield Lecture Theater or Woolley Seminar Room, RSAA

Assessment: two assignments, one problem set and one computer exercise, both due May 31

Syllabus: Radiation properties, radiative transfer, stellar model atmospheres, stellar parameters, spectral line formation, elemental abundance determinations, stellar convection, stellar winds, chromospheres, coronae, magnetic phenomena (activity, sunspots, flares, prominences etc)

Course reading: David Gray's "The observations and analysis of stellar photospheres" (ISBN 0 521 40868 7) Rob Rutten's "Radiative transfer in stellar atmospheres" (available from here )

For more details, contact Martin Asplund

Planetary Geology (GEOL3022)

Taught by Ross Taylor and Richard Arculus from the Department of Earth and Marine Sciences

For all details (starting date, venue, assessment etc.) see the webpage of GEOL3022 or contact Ross Taylor

Statistics Course for Scientists

1st Semester (TBC)

For details contact Alan Welsh from the Department of Mathematics.

Utility Courses

These short (2-8 lectures) courses are NOT part of the Honours program but shall help honours students with Unix, LaTeX, BibTex, Literature Review, Writing, etc.. They are regularly offered by the Graduate Information Literacy Program at ANU. Please see their webpages for more information.

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