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Welcome to my home page. Here you will find links to recent papers and talks, lecture notes and exercises as well as some recent movies related to my research in computational astrophysics with students and colleagues.


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Postal address:

Prof. Geoffrey Bicknell, Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics,

Mt Stromlo Observatory, Cotter Road, ACT, 2611, Australia


T:  +61 (0)2 6125 9088

F: +61 (0)2 6125 0233

My research interests include:



Recent papers and talks

  1. Jet–intracluster medium interaction in Hydra A – I. Estimates of jet velocity from inner knots, M.A. Nawaz, A.Y. Wagner, G.V. Bicknell, R.S. Sutherland & B.R. McNamara
  2. Steady-state Hadronic Gamma-Ray Emission from 100-Myr-Old Fermi Bubbles, R.M. Crocker, G.V. Bicknell, E. Carretti, A.S. Hill, and R.S. Sutherland
  3. Global simulations of magnetorotational turbulence – I. Convergence and the quasi-steady state, E.R. Parkin and G.V. Bicknell
  4. Ultrafast Outflows: Galaxy-Scale Active Galactic Nucleus Feedback, A. Y. Wagner, M. Umemura, and G. V. Bicknell
  5. Driving Outflows with Relativistic Jets and the Dependence of Active Galactic Nucleus Feedback Efficiency on Interstellar Medium Inhomogeneity, A. Y.Wagner, G.V. Bicknell and M. Umemura

Current Research

AGN Feedback from Relativistic Jets
Collaboration with Matt Lehnert (IAP, Paris, France), Dipanjan Mukherjee (recently appointed postdoc), Nicole Nesvadba (IAS, Orsay, France), Ralph Sutherland, and Alex Wagner (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan).

The Galactic Center including the Fermi Bubbles and the Galactic Center Filaments
Collaboration with Wladimir Banda-Barragan (Research Student), Roland Crocker (ARC Future Fellow) and Alex Wagner.

Modelling of Blazars
Collaboration with Stefan Wagner (Univ. of Heidelberg).

Courses in the Honours / Masters program

High Energy Astrophysics

Lecture notes and exercises

Astrophysical Gas Dynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics

Lecture notes, exercises and other course material


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