3C196 and the intervening galaxy at z=0.437

  • A preliminary description of the new Westerbork observations of the gas-rich galaxy 3C196-G1 at z = 0.437 can be found in the NFRA Newletter Number 12.
  • A color schematic of how to model the 21cm absorption line. Also... a gzipped postscript version.
  • An HST image of the galaxy after the point-spread function of the background QSO has been subtracted (courtesy of S. Ridgway; for more details see Ridgway and Stockton, 1997, AJ, 114, 511).
  • PUBLISHED PAPER: 2001, A&A, 373, 113 (Briggs, de Bruyn, Vermeulen). "Cold gas kinematics in an L* spiral Galaxy at z = 0.437: The nature of Damped Lyman-alpha absorbers"

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