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Epoch of Reionization

EoR Continuum Subtraction (Ps.gz)

Epoch of Reionization Plots

100MHz Astronomy: Hi-Z vs. ZZ-Top (.ppt file, ATNF Colloq. 26 Feb 2003)


Radio Astronomy & Dark Ages - for Stromlo Board.ppt

Mileura Wide Field Array and the Stromlo Streamer

Read here about the First Radio Light of the Mileura Wide Field Array Low Frequency Demonstrator, a collaborative project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and several Australian Universities, including the ANU, Curtin University, and the University of Melbourne, and the ATNF.
See more images below. Click for an enlarged view.

Mileura Station is located north of Perth, east of Geraldton in the state of Western Australia (left).

Its low population density reduces the amount of human radio interference.
The assembly and testing of the first tile at Mileura station took a little over two weeks.
The dipole antennas, built at MIT, sit atop a groundscreen constructed at the University of Melbourne.
The prototype can collect useful data night and day.

From the air, it is clear that there is plenty of room to expand the demonstrator to add many more elements, or tiles. (Photo courtesy of P. Walsh)
The signals are sent to the backend system, which analyzes them. The digital backend (detector and spectrometer) was designed and built at Mount Stromlo Observatory.

The first spectrum was taken by the commissioning group on 11 March 2005.

The rising and setting of the Milky Way is clearly seen at several of the frequencies at which the system operates.

Neutral Hydrogen in the Universe

Intergalactic Hydrogen Clouds Frank's IAU Symp 217 contribution (.ps.gz, Sydney 2003)

Neutral Hydrogen in the Universe Lectures (2003 ANU "New Cosmology" Summer School) PS.gz, pdf lecture1.ppt , lecture2.ppt

Faint end of luminosity function in HI (.ppt, Tully/Little Bay Nov 2003)

History of HI Plot


Recycled IGM: FeastofFacts 8aug2003 (ppt)


Radio Frequency Cancellation and Mitigation

RFI Cancellation - URSI Mtg Aug 2002



LOFAR talk at ATNF Synth Workshop May 2003 (.ppt file)

Courses and Lectures

Obs.Techn. Course Part A, 20apr-2007: Intro to Radio Astronomy (.ppt)

Obs.Techn. Course Part B, 20-apr-2007: Intro to Radio Astronomy (.ppt)

Obs.Techn. Course Part A, 20apr-2007: Intro to Radio Astronomy (.pdf)

Obs.Techn. Course Part B, 20-apr-2007: Intro to Radio Astronomy (.pdf)

Obs.Techn. Course 20-apr-2007: homework exercises (.txt)

Diagrams for Obs.Techn. Course, 2004, Lect 2: Coords, Time, Intro to Radio Astronomy (.ppt)

Waarneemtechnieken, Miscellaneous


VV29 = The Chainsaw Galaxy / The Tadpole
Malin 1 overlay
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z=20 PKS 20Dec2002.ppt
Gibbs phenomena expts