Matthew Colless - January 2023

Research projects - 16 grants worth a total of $6.016M:

  1. X00106525, Elliptical Galaxies as Tools for Observational Cosmology, Dr Matthew Colless, Dr Roberto Saglia, $81k
  2. DP0208876, The 6dF Galaxy Survey - Mass and Motions in the Nearby Universe, Dr Matthew Colless, Dr Will Saunders, Dr Quentin A. Parker, Prof. John P. Huchra, Dr Ofer Lahav, Dr Gary A. Mamon, Prof. Ken-ichi Wakamatsu, $279k
  3. DP0559688, Star Formation and Gas Consumption in High Redshift Galaxies, Prof. Franklin H Briggs, Dr Matthew Colless, Dr Jayaram Narayanan Chengalur, $260k
  4. SR0660002, Anglo-Australian Observatory Fellowship, Prof Matthew Colless, Dr Chris Tinney, $208k
  5. DP0772084, The last 8 billion years of cosmic evolution, Prof. Warrick Couch, A/Prof. Michael Drinkwater, Prof. Duncan Forbes, Dr Karl Glazebrook, Dr Christopher Blake, Dr Matthew Colless, Dr Barry F Madore, Dr D Christopher Martin, $588k
  6. ST030088, Gas in Galaxies in the Distant Past, Prof. F. Briggs, Prof. Matthew Colless, Prof. J. Chengalur, P. Lah, $236k
  7. DP1093738, The fundamental physics governing the formation of cosmic structure, Prof. W.J. Couch, Prof. K. Glazebrook, Dr C.A. Blake, Prof. M.J. Drinkwater, Dr D.J. Croton, Dr K.A. Pimbblet, Prof. M. Colless, Prof. D.C. Martin, Dr T.K. Wyder, $560k
  8. FS100100046, A New Era for Australian Exoplanetary Science, Prof. C. Tinney, Dr J. Bailey, Dr V. Meadows, Prof. M. Colless, $556k
  9. FS100100065, The Galaxy Genome Project 1, Prof. M. Colless, Dr A. Hopkins, Dr D.H. Jones, Dr S.P. Driver, Dr C. Lidman, $278k
  10. FS110200013, Accretion and Feedback in Galaxies with Cosmic Time, Prof. J. Bland-Hawthorn, A.Prof. S. Croom, Prof. G. Lewis, Prof. M. Colless, Prof. J. Silk, $556k
  11. FS110200023, The Galaxy Genome Project 2, Dr A. Hopkins, Prof. M. Colless, Dr S.P. Driver, Dr C. Lidman, A.Prof. S. Croom, $835k
  12. John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships 2012, Galaxies: Fuel and Fireworks, A.Prof. A. Hopkins, A.Prof. S. Croom, Prof. M. Colless, Prof. L. Staveley-Smith, Dr B. Koribalski, $276k
  13. DP130103505, The evolution of mass and energy over the past 13 billion years, Prof. S.P. Driver, A/Prof. A. Hopkins, Prof. M. Colless, Dr M. Meyer, $400k
  14. LP130100286, Mapping Dark Matter with Early-Type Galaxies, Mould, Prof. Jeremy R, Colless, Prof. Matthew, Hopkins, A/Prof. Andrew M, Jones, Dr Heath, Springob, Dr Christopher, Davis, Dr Tamara, Webster, Prof. Rachel, Lucey, Dr John, Peacock, Prof. John, $150k
  15. DP160102075, The Taipan Survey - Cosmology in the Nearby Universe, Prof. Matthew Colless, A/Prof. Chris Blake, A/Prof. Andrew Hopkins, $710k
  16. Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowship 2023, Galaxy Surveys to Map and Understand the Universe, Prof. Matthew Colless, £24k ($43k)

Research centres - 2 grants worth a total of $50.9M:

  1. CE110001020, ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO), Prof. B.M. Gaensler, Prof. L.G. Staveley-Smith, Prof. S. Wyithe, Prof. M. Bailes, Prof. B.P. Schmidt, A/Prof. S.M. Croom, Prof. E.M. Sadler, Prof. S.J. Tingay, Prof. R.L. Webster, Prof. J.R. Mould, Prof. W.J. Couch, Prof. F.H. Briggs, Prof. B.J. Boyle, Dr R. Braun, Prof. M.M. Colless, A/Prof. A.M. Hopkins, Prof. Dr M. Kramer, Prof. S.R. Kulkarni, Prof. S.G. Rawlings, Prof. C.S. Frenk, Prof. G.A.M. Kauffmann, Prof. X. Fan, A/Prof. U.L. Pen, Dr R.S. Pain, $20.6M
  2. CE170100013, ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions (ASTRO-3D), Prof. Lisa Kewley, Prof. Stuart Wyithe, Prof. Elaine Sadler, Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith, Prof. Karl Glazebrook, Prof. Carole Jackson, Prof. Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. Martin Asplund, Dr Cathryn Trott, Prof. Rachel Webster, Dr Michele Trenti, Prof. Matthew Colless, Associate Prof. Scott Croom, Associate Prof. Emma Ryan-Weber, Associate Prof. Christopher Power, Prof. Darren Croton, Prof. Simon Driver, Prof. Roberto Abraham, Dr Lewis Ball, Prof. Andrew Bunker, Prof. Warrick Couch, Prof. Julianne Dalcanton, Prof. Roger Davies, Prof. Bryan Gaensler, Adjunct Prof. Andrew Hopkins, Prof. Evan Kirby, Dr Baerbel Koribalski, Prof. Di Li, Prof. Christopher Martin, Associate Prof. Miguel Morales, Prof. Raffaella Morganti, Prof. Dr Volker Springel, Dr Michael Wise, $30.3M

Intrumentation projects - 21 grants worth a total of $11.59M:

  1. R00002702, ANDES - Probing the Formation of Galaxies in the Early Universe, Dr Matthew Colless, A/Prof. Warrick J Couch, Dr Keith Taylor, Prof. P Tim de Zeeuw, Prof. Marijn Franx, $243k
  2. LE0561136, 36-megapixel CCD camera for wide-field astronomy, A/Prof. Michael Ashley, A/Prof. John Webb, Prof. Brian Schmidt, Dr Matthew Colless, Prof. Bradley Gibson, $376k
  3. LE0668351, Australian Membership of the International Gemini Partnership, Dr James Gordon Robertson, Prof. Penny D Sackett, Prof. Warrick Couch, Prof. Rachel Webster, Dr Brian Boyle, Dr Matthew Colless, A/Prof. Duncan Forbes, Dr Michael Drinkwater, Dr Bradley Carter, Dr John Lattanzio, Dr Quentin Parker, $2.983M
  4. LE0775546, Construction of the blue arm of the ANU 2.3m telescope Wide-Field Spectrograph, Prof. M.S.Bessell, Prof M.A.Dopita, Prof. M.M.Colless, Prof. R.W.Hunstead, Dr M.C.Ashley, Dr M.J.Drinkwater, $370k
  5. LE0989347, CYCLOPS - A better way to find extrasolar planets, Prof. C.G. Tinney, Prof. Matthew Colless, Prof. T.R. Bedding, Dr L. Kiss, Prof. K.C. Freeman, Prof. J.E. Norris, Prof. G.S. Da Costa, Prof. J.L. Lattanzio, Dr B.D. Carter, Dr S.C. Marsden, $350k
  6. LE100100054, Next-generation robotic observatories for the remote Antarctic plateau, Prof. J. Storey, Prof. M. Ashley, Prof. M. Burton, Dr J. Lawrence, Prof. M. Wardle, Dr Q. Parker, Prof. M. Colless, Prof. Z. Shang, Prof. T. Ichikawa, Dr H. Motoyama, $200k
  7. LE100100164, GNOSIS: a new window on the early universe using revolutionary photonic technology, Prof. J. Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. M. Colless, Prof. W. Couch, Prof. K.C. Freeman, Prof. K. Glazebrook, Prof. B. Schmidt, Prof. C. Tinney, Dr J. Lawrence, Dr J. O'Byrne, Dr S. Ellis, $500k
  8. LE110100030, KOALA: a new integral-field capability for the Anglo-Australian Telescope, Dr J. Lawrence, Prof. Q. Parker, Dr O. De Marco, Dr D. Zucker, Prof. M. Colless, Dr R. Sharp, Ass. Prof. S. Croom, Prof. J. Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. K. Glazebrook, Prof. W. Couch, Prof. R. Webster, $770k
  9. LE120100199, GNOSIS-J: completing the revolutionary OH suppression spectrograph, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Croom, M. Ireland, S. Leon-Saval, J. O'Byrne, M. Colless, S. Ellis, J. Lawrence, $300k
  10. LE130100198, The SAMI facility: a revolutionary multi-object hexabundle spectrograph, Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. Jonathan, Croom, A/Prof. Scott M, Jones, Dr Heath, Parker, Prof. Quentin A, Lawrence, Dr Jonathan S, Colless, Prof. Matthew, Couch, Prof. Warrick J, Glazebrook, Prof. Karl, Bryant, Dr Julia J, Leon-Saval, Dr Sergio G, $315k
  11. LE130100104, Mapping the universe with the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (PanSTARRS), Gaensler, Prof Bryan M, Mould, Prof. Jeremy R, Kaiser, Prof. Nick, Schmidt, Prof Brian P, Drinkwater, Prof. Michael J, Staveley-Smith, Prof. Lister G, Colless, Prof. Matthew, Webster, Prof. Rachel L, Tingay, Prof. Steven J, Brown, Dr Michael J, Springob, Dr Christopher M, Meyer, A/Prof Martin J, Davis, Dr Tamara M, Parkinson, Dr David R, Lewis, Prof Geraint F, Ryan-Weber, Dr Emma V, Wyithe, Prof. Stuart, Chambers, A/Prof. Kenneth, Meurer, Prof. Hans-Gerhardt R, Sadler, Prof. Elaine M, Lagattuta, Dr David J, Brough, Dr Sarah, Murphy, Dr Tara, Croom, A/Prof. Scott M, Burgett, Dr William S, Hasinger, A/Prof. Guenther G, $740k
  12. LE140100052, TAIPAN - a spectrograph to survey the southern sky, Colless, Prof. Matthew, Prof. Michael Drinkwater, A/Prof Andrew Hopkins, Dr Jonathan Lawrence, Prof. Bryan Gaensler, Prof Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. Elaine Sadler, Prof. Quentin Parker, A/Prof. Christopher Blake, Prof. Jeremy Mould, Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith, Dr Baerbel Koribalski, Dr Michael Brown, Dr Heath Jones, Prof. Raymond Norris, Dr Kevin Pimbblet, Prof. Christopher Tinney, Dr Christopher Springob, Dr David Parkinson, Prof. Rachel Webster, Dr Nicholas Tothill, A/Prof. Miroslav Filipovic, A/Prof Scott Croom, Dr Michael Ireland, A/Prof. Andrew Sheinis, $350k
  13. LE150100055, Australian European Southern Observatory Positioner (AESOP), Prof. Simon Driver, A/Prof. Aaron Robotham, Prof. Christopher Power, A/Prof. Martin Meyer, Prof. Warrick Couch, A/Prof. Andrew Hopkins, A/Prof. Andrew Sheinis, Dr Michael Brown, A/Prof. Scott Croom, Prof. Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn, Prof. Carole Jackson, Prof. Karl Glazebrook, A/Prof. Christopher Blake, Prof Michael Drinkwater, Dr David Parkinson, A/Prof. Tamara Davis, Prof Martin Asplund, Prof. Rachel Webster, Prof. Matthew Colless, Prof Elaine Sadler, Dr Sarah Brough, A/Prof. Daniel Zucker, Dr Richard McDermid, A/Prof. Darren Croton, $560k
  14. LE150100144, Hector - a revolutionary spectrograph for understanding how galaxies form, Prof. Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn, A/Prof. Scott Croom, Prof. Matthew Colless, Dr Julia Bryant, Dr Sergio Leon-Saval, Dr Richard McDermid, Prof. Warrick Couch, Dr Jonathan Lawrence, $430k
  15. LE160100145, Australian European Southern Observatory Positioner (AESOP), Prof. Simon Driver, Prof. Karl Glazebrook, Dr David Parkinson, Dr Sarah Martell, Prof. Martin Asplund, A/Prof Michael Brown, Prof. Matthew Colless, Adj/Prof. Andrew Hopkins, A/Prof Scott Croom, Dr Nicholas Seymour, A/Prof. Aaron Robotham, A/Prof Christopher Blake, $430k
  16. LE180100009, Doubling the power of a unique astronomical survey facility, Prof. Matthew Colless, Dr Elisabete da Cunha, Dr Dougal Mackey, Prof. Scott Croom, Prof. Christopher Blake, Dr Edward Taylor, Prof. Michael Drinkwater, Prof. Tamara Davis, A/Prof. Sarah Brough, Dr Duncan Wright, Prof. Simon Driver, A/Prof. Michael Brown, Prof. Ray Norris, Adj/Prof. Andrew Hopkins, $340k
  17. CSIRO, ANU-CSIRO Research Partnership on Space Technologies and Applications, Dr Milica Symul, Prof. Matthew Colless, $700k
  18. European Southern Observatory, Phase A study for the VLT Adaptive Optics Optical Imager and spectrograph (VAOI), Francois Rigaut, Guido Agapito, Simone Antoniucci, Marco Banaglia, A. Baruffolo, Maria Bergomi, Yoann Brule, Lorenzo Busoni, Matthew Colless, Robert Content, Carlos Correia, Giovanni Cresci, Celine D'Orgeville, Simon Ellis, Simone Esposito, Theirry Fusco, L Greggio, Kyler Kuehn, J Lawrence, Luca Marafatto, Richard M McDermid, Anna Moore, Benoit Neichel, Fernando Pedichini, R Ragazzoni, Robert Sharp, Marco Stangalini, Valentina Viotto, Frederic Zamkotsian, $223k
  19. Astronomy Australia Limited Seed Funding, Starbugs: Demonstration and Commercialization, Andrew Hopkins, Matthew Colless, $31k
  20. LE230100063, Explosive Astrophysics from Siding Spring Observatory, Christopher Lidman, Matthew Colless, Sarah Brough, Christian Wolf, Tony Travouillon, Ivo Seitenzahl, Anais Moller, Michael Brown, Devika Kamath, Sabrina Einecke, Alexander Heger, Ashley Ruiter, Duncan Galloway, Linqing Wen, Simon O'Toole, $595k
  21. LE230100112, Expanded Horizons for the Anglo-Australian Telescope, Christopher Lidman, Matthew Colless, Michelle Cluver, Christopher Tinney, Sarah Sweet, Julia Bryant, Matthew Owers, $758k