Here are some things I have written, or are written about me and my work, that might be interesting.

Science Needs more R&D Funds but we could be at a turning point - The Australian 19 May 2015 (original)

Infrastructure isn’t just roads and ports - The Conversation 5 March 2015

The science of climate change:  questions and answers - Fairfax Media - 16 Feb 2015 (original)

Excellence in Research Australia Needs to be part of a Big Strategy- Nature Perspective 24 Jul 2014.

Students should not shoulder financial burden of research - The Australian OpEd Piece 7 Jun 2014.

It is time to think about Public Education, Australia! - AEU ACT Branch Lecture - 22 May 2014

The Science Song Remains The Same - ANU Crawford School - 31 March 2014 (also appeared in edited form in the Australian Financial Review - 10 March 2014)

Maurice Newman, You have a taker- The Australian, 16 Jan 2014

StarGazer - Good Weekend Piece By Jane Gadzow, 14 July 2012

Mathematics for Australia - Australian, 9 Feb 2012

An Astronomer's view of Climate Change and Climate Change Policy - Canberra Times, 2 June 2011

What God Means to Me - Daily Telegraph, 23 December 2009

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