Anais Möller

I have a new webpage! . There you will find updated information.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing in Australia. I previous worked for CNRS at Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (LPC), Université Clermont-Auvergne in France and in the Australian National University as a CAASTRO Postdoctoral Fellow in Dark Energy in the team of Brian Schmidt.

My research focuses on time-domain astronomy and type Ia supernova cosmology and developing novel methods to analyze large astronomical surveys data with machine learning.

I am a PI of Fink broker. Fink has been selected to process the Vera C. Rubin Observatory LSST alert stream for its 10-years of operation. Fink will enable transient science in this big data era, including SNe Ia cosmology and beyond!

I am currently working to obtain constraints on dark energy using type Ia Supernovae with the Dark Energy Survey (DES). I am also an expert on machine learning applications for cosmology and time-domain data. I developed the open-source framework SuperNNova that allows classification of any transient light-curve. I have applied SuperNNova to supernova classification and it is currently being used in Fink broker and DES 5-year data. For more information, take a look at my general research and current projects page.

I work with in several time-domain and cosmology surveys searching for transients at different distances and times in our Universe such as : Deeper Wider Faster program, Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC LSST) , Transients and Variable Star Collaboration (TVS LSST) , the SN group of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) , its spectroscopic counterpart OzDES, the photometric SkyMapper Transient Survey, the spectroscopic ePessto+ and the photometric SNLS. As well as the Informatics and Statistics Science Collaboration for LSST . With the SkyMapper Transient Survey we launched Supernova Sighting , a Zooniverse Project , where citizen scientists joined us in the search for supernovae and other transients.

I was born in Venezuela and did my undergrad at Universidad Simón Bolívar. I then moved to France where I did the NPAC master 2 and a PhD at Irfu Cea Saclay and Université Paris Diderot. I enjoy communicating science to the general public and was selected to be a CAASTRO Astronomer in Residence at Uluru, Australia. I speak spanish, english, french and german. I also ejoy hiking, rock climbing, diving, sailing and playing cello.