Mount Stromlo Student Seminars 2016

Don't panic!

Registration for the 2016 Mt Stromlo Seminars is free. Registration is now closed.

The final registration deadline was the 31st October, 2016. The deadline was the same for those applying for travel support, which we encourage you to. We encourage you to submit the Registration Form as early as possible. Talk details may be updated from when you first register until the registration deadline.

Travel Support

We ask that all students travelling from Sydney take the bus (or car) to allow us to provide support to as many students as possible. Please ask your home institution and/or supervisor for funding before applying for travel assistance.

To apply for travel support please fill out the relevant section using the online registration form.


Further questions can be addressed to:

Xmas Seminar Committee
Mount Stromlo Observatory
Cotter Road
Weston ACT 2611


Tel: (02) 6125 8902