Mount Stromlo Student Seminars 2016

Don't panic!

October 31, 2016: Online-Registration Deadline

December 1, 2016: Day One - Workshops and Invited Speakers

9:00am Registration and coffeeDuffield building foyer
9:30am RSAA Director’s Welcome- Prof. Dr. Matthew CollessDuffield lecture theatre (DLT)
9:45am Dr. Brad Tucker
Outreach in Astronomy
11:00am Morning teaPossum Hall
11:30am Panel discussion
Panelists: Prof. Dr. Lisa Kewley, Dr. Ashley Ruiter, Dr. David Nicholls, Dr. Christopher Thom
Academia: inside and out
1:00pm Lunch & Conference photoCSO common room
2:00pm Prof. Dr. Lisa Kewley
How to Boost Your Academic Writing Skills
2:45pm Sparkler session for posters DLT
3:00pm Afternoon TeaPossum Hall
3:30pm Prof. Dr. Martin Asplund
Solicited unsolicited advice
5:00pmMinibus departs Mt Stromlo for ANU CampusIn front of DLT
6:00pmDinner & TriviaGuild (see map below)

December 2, 2016: Day Two - Student Talks

9:00amWelcome & CoffeeDuffield building foyer

9:30amSession 1 (chair: Rajika Kuruwita) All talks are in the DLT
9:30amNeil Shaw
The distribution and evolution of starspots on rapidly rotating solar-type stars
9:42amEloise Birchall
A population of infraredLbright very small grains in the gap of Herbig Ae transition discs
9:54amAnna Zovaro
Obtaining HighLResolution Image Data of LEO Objects using Adaptive Optics and Lucky Imaging
10:06amRyan Ridden-Harper
Hitchhikers Guide to UV Astronomy
10:18amMargaret Streamer
Tango Magic - Pulsating stars in binary systems
10:30amMorning TeaPossum Hall

11:00amSession 2 (chair: Eloise Birchall)
11:00amFiona H. Panther
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
11:12amJames Tocknell
The Effect of NonLIdeal Magnetohydrodynamics on Disc winds from Protoplanetary Discs
11:24amRajika Kuruwita
Is Magrathea really “The Impossible Planet”?
11:36amWilfred Gee
Exoplanet discovery with the openLsource citizenLscience Project PANOPTES
11:48amAnshu Gupta
Don't Panic: Climate change is a HOAX!!
12:00pmXi Wang
Mysterious Origin of Positrons in the Milky Way
12:12pmSarah McIntyre
Terrestrial Constraints on Extraterrestrial Intelligence

12:30pmBBQ LunchPossum Hall

1:30pmSession 3 (chair: Ayan Acharyya)
1:30pmMelanie Kaasinen
High-z, Panic Free
1:42pmTania Barone
The relationship between Structural and Dynamical parameters and Stellar Population for Early Type Galaxies in the SAMI Survey
1:54pmJinglin Zhao
Hermite decomposition of line profile in an effort to quantify intrinsic radial velocity
2:06pmAdam Rains
Improved Light Coupling Efficiency for Single Mode Fibre Spectroscopy
2:18pmAlec Thompson
Bubbles and Magnets
2:30pmtimothy Crundall
2:42pmAdam Thomas
Full data release of the S7
2:54pmMichael Cowley
The Milky Way’s SMBH: Mostly Harmless?!

3:10pmVoting & Afternoon teaPossum Hall

3:40pmDr. Joao Bento
Software tools

4:40pmAwards & FarewellDLT
5:00pmMinibus departs Mt Stromlo for ANU CampusIn front of DLT

December 2, 2016: Day Two - Student Posters

Posters byTopic
James EsdalleSearch for Lithium in LAMOST survey
Mathew FreemanMeasuring the Infrared Sky Background in Antarctica
Harry-Dean Kenchington-GoldsmithUsing a photonic chip to search for exoplanets
Elliot ThornSite testing for space situational awareness with singleLdetector stereoLSCIDAR

A downloadable list of the program and abstracts can be found here.