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WST Science meeting

5th - 7th December 2023

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

SOC: Tayyaba Zafar, Roland Bacon, Sabine Bellstedt, Michelle Cluver, Matthew Colless, Luke Davies, Cullen Howlett, Richard McDermid, Ned Taylor, Sarah Martell, Andrew Hopkins

LOC: Tayyaba Zafar, Richard McDermid, Umme Tania Ahmed, Aashique Unnikrishnan, Tamal Mukherjee, Pradosh Barun Das, Anilkumar Mailvaganam, Fotini Kouloukis, Jahang Prathap

WST Technical meeting

15th December 2023

Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, Australia

SOC: Tony Travouillon, Mark Casali, Gayandhi De Silva, Joss Bland-Hawthorn


The Wide-field Spectroscopic Telescope (WST) is an innovative 10m class telescope with simultaneous operation of a large field-of-view (5 sq. degree) and high multiplex (20,000) multi-object spectrograph facility with both medium and high-resolution modes (MOS), and a giant panoramic integral field spectrograph (IFS). Currently under early design, the telescope has the potential to involve Australian astronomers in Europe’s next big telescope project. These meeting are the first chance for Australia to be involved in the telescope’s science case which will result in a white paper to be written by March 2024 and also to participate to its technical development.

All Australian astronomers are encouraged to join the WST science team and help forge its scientific mission:


The science meeting will take place in Sydney, Macquarie University: 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue, Lecture theatre 100, Ground Floor.

The technical meeting will take place in Canberra, at the Mount Stromlo Observatory There are numerous flights between Canberra and other major Australian cities (e.g. Sydney and Melbourne), as well as a bus service that provides regular transport between Sydney and Canberra (~3 hours).

Video conference details:

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Password: 249425

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Dial: +61 2 8015 2088
Meeting ID: 822 4320 4821
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WST Science meeting (Sydney)

Day 1 (Tuesday, Dec 5)

Time (AEDT) Speaker Talk Title
13:00 Roland Bacon WST intro
13:20 Vincenzo Maneiri Science Cases and Activities Update
14:00 Simon Driver
14:20 Emily Wisnioski
14:50 Luisa Buzzo A census of compact stellar systems with WST
15:30 Richard McDermid
15:55 Rebecca McElroy
16:20 Themiya Nanayakkara Resolved Spectroscopy in the Intermediate redshift Universe with the WST
16:35 Matthew Colless WST in the Australian landscape

Day 2 (Wednesday, Dec 6)

Time (AEDT) Speaker Talk Title
10:30 DISCUSSION (MOS Synergy)
10:55 Devika Kamaath
11:20 Dan Zucker
11:45 Ben Montet Opportunities for Exoplanet Science in the WST Era
13:00 Cullan Howlett
13:30 Chris Lidman
14:00 Paul Lasky
14:30 Nick Tothill
15:30 Jeff Cooke
15:55 Nick Seymour SKA
16:20 Khee-Gan Lee Measuring the Cosmic Baryon Budget with FRBs + Massive Spectroscopic Surveys

Day 3 (Thursday, Dec 7)

Time (AEDT) Speaker Talk Title
10:45 Edward Taylor Low-redshift science opportunities with WST
11:00 Jean-Gabriel Cuby

WST Technical meeting (Canberra)

Day 1 (Friday, Dec 15)

Time (AEDT) Speaker Talk Title
10:00 Tony Travouillon Summary
10:30 Discussion
11:00 Gaston Gausach
11:20 Discussion
11:20 Gaston Gausach
13:00 Julia Bryant
13:30 Discussion
14:00 Jon Lawrence
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Horizon proposal and funding discussion


Musawer Bajwa, Ángel López-Sánchez, Ben Montet, Mark Casali, Luca Casagrande, Matthew Colless, Oguzhan Cakir, Sarah Brough, Sarah Martell, Khee-Gan Lee, Stuart Ryder, Brent Groves, Themiya Nanayakkara, Francois Rigaut, Giulia Santucci, Alan Chan, Julia Bryant, Tania Ahmed, Mina Pak, Edward Taylor, Mark Casali, Jon Lawrence, Sabine Bellstedt, Jahang Prathap P K, Fotini Kouloukis, Tamal Mukherjee, Tayyaba Zafar, Aashique Unnikrishnan, Pradosh Barun Das, Devika Kamath, Richard McDermid, Dennis Stello, Luke Davies, Daniel Zucker, Matt Owers, Vanshika Kansal, Kateryna Andrych, Maksym Mohorian, Meghna Menon, Anilkumar Mailvaganam, Cullan Howlett, Paul Lasky, Nick Tothill, Emily Wisnioski, Aaron Robotham, Rob Sharp, Stefania Barsanti, Jesse van de Sande, Ken Freeman, Luisa Buzzo, Simon Ellis, Pratyush Kumar Das


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