RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Friday, 22 March 2019, 14:00-14:30; CSO Common Room

Rajsekhar Mohapatra

"Turbulence around galaxies: applications in the ICM and CGM (Thesis proposal talk)"

Turbulence is ubiquitous in astrophysics, occurring at scales from planetary atmospheres to clusters of galaxies. It plays a key role in the dynamics and thermodynamic evolution of gas in the intracluster medium (ICM) - it can both enhance and arrest radiative cooling of the ICM gas under different conditions. Estimating turbulent gas velocities and correlation length scales is a key step in determining the fate of the ICM gas. In this talk, I shall give a brief overview of the current state of ICM simulations and observations. Following this, I shall present my planned PhD work on simulations of ICM gas and how it will add to our current understanding of turbulence in the ICM. I shall also discuss my planned side project on the circumgalactic medium (CGM) - modifying the ICM setup to study turbulence in the CGM, and how it can be used to explain the ubiquitous presence of high velocity clouds (HVCs) in the halo of galaxies.