RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Thursday, 09 August 2018, 11:00-12:00; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Krzysztof Bolejko

"The Hubble Trouble: observational systematics or a real anomaly pointing towards new physics?"

The measurements of the Hubble constant reveal a tension between high-redshift (CMB) and low-redshift (distance ladder) constraints. If this tension cannot be explained in terms of observational systematics then it will point towards new physics and explanations beyond the Standard Cosmological Model. In my talk I will present a brief history of the measurements of the Hubble constant and discuss the difference between high- and low-redshift constraints. I will investigate what types of observations could be used to resolve the problem from the observational side (i.e. point towards observational systematics), as well as, I will discuss theoretical properties of models that could explain this tension away in terms of new physics.