RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Friday, 13 April 2018, 14:00-14:20; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Jens Kammerer

"Fourier Plane Imaging of Young Giant Exoplanets (Thesis Proposal)"

For my PhD, I propose a project on the formation and evolution of young giant exoplanets. By directly imaging gas giants as they form, we want to learn more about the formation mechanism itself as well as how young planets interact with the circumstellar disk. Using novel detection techniques such as kernel-phase or sparse aperture masking behind an integral field unit on the world’s largest telescopes, we want to explore regions closer to the PSF than ever before. Our observations aim on solar system scales (5 - 20 au) in the nearest star forming regions where young analogues of our own gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn should reside.