RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Monday, 26 March 2018, 11:00-12:00; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Jennifer Wiseman

"The Hubble Space Telescope: 28 Years of Cosmic Discovery"

The Hubble Space Telescope is operating at peak scientific capability even 28 years after its launch, thanks to successful astronaut servicing missions and operations that keep the observatory in top condition. I will review the premiere scientific advancements achieved by Hubble, including both those that were planned at launch (e.g. measuring the Hubble constant) and many that were never dreamed of at launch (e.g. finding evidence for dark energy; analyzing exoplanet atmospheres). Hubble observations are now helping prepare for JWST and other future missions, and are contributing critical complementary observations for solar system probes like JUNO and New Horizons. I will discuss how Hubble can be used in its coming final years to provide the best science return, complementing other space-based and ground-based observatories and setting the stage for future flagship missions.