RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Tuesday, 02 August 2016, 11:00-12:00; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Ho Seong Hwang

"Mapping the Distribution of Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts: Galaxy Clusters and Large-scale Structure of the Universe"

Measurement of the matter distribution in the universe is one of the key components in observational cosmology. This provides an important test of structure formation scenarios and cosmological models. I discuss two aspects of this test: (1) comparing the matter distribution around galaxy clusters from galaxy redshift surveys with that from weak-lensing surveys and (2) statistical comparison of large-scale structure between observations and cosmological simulations. These tests underscore the importance of mapping the large-scale structure of the universe for exploring and understanding cosmology and structure formation. I emphasize the power of combining observations including redshift and weak-lensing surveys with cosmological simulations.