RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Friday, 16 October 2015, 14:00-14:40; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Frederic Vogt

"Gas flows and star formation as a consequence of galaxy interaction in compact groups"

Time has come for me to move to a new longitude, but not before following the tradition and updating you on the work I have been doing in the latest stages of my PhD (and beyond). In particular, I’ll discuss my various observations of galaxies in Hickson Compact Group 91, and what these these (may) tell us about galaxy evolution in groups. This presentation would of course not be complete without a final attempt at convincing you of the potential of some excitingly new technology to publish multi-dimensional datasets in 3-D. Hence, I shall also tell you about the newly developed X3D pathway Chris Owen and I have been developing lately.