RSAA Colloquia / Seminars / Feast-of-Facts: Friday, 10 July 2015, 14:00-14:40; Duffield Lecture Theatre

Simon Murphy & Christian Wolf

"The SkyMapper Test Data Release"

The SkyMapper Southern Survey has been underway in earnest since March 2014. This week an initial ’Test Data Release’ of nearly 70 sq deg of images and photometric catalogues was announced at the Annual Meeting of the ASA by RSAA’s Chris Onken. These data are freely available to the Australian community in preparation for the release of DR1 later this year. In this brief talk Chris W will walk us through the progress of the survey and details of the Test Data Release, while Simon will present a live demonstration of the website and data access methods. If you’ve been waiting patiently for actual SkyMapper data, this is the talk for you!