WiFeS Performance Calculator

Exposure: Sky:
Integration time   sec; cycles    Moon phase
Star brightness   mag Seeing FWHM   arcsec
Galaxy brightness   mag/arcsec2 Airmass 
Line brightness   erg/s/cm2/arcsec2 Spectrograph:
Line FWHM   km/s Grating
Objective:    Star    Galaxy    Line  Read noise   e-
Adopted integration time   s
Adopted cycles 
Star signal   e-/pix
Galaxy signal   e-/pix
Line signal   e-/pix
Sky signal   e-/pix
Dark signal   e-/pix
Total signal   e-/pix
Total noise   e-/pix
Signal-to-noise ratio   /aperture

Hard at Work! This tool models the performance of the Wide-Field Spectrograph (WiFeS).
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