RSAA Schedule for Winter Quarter 2019 - Version: 15-05-2019

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2019-05-01Wed|||||||| Andrew Zic  
2019-05-02Thu||||||||| WiFeS  
2019-05-03Fri||||||||| "  
2019-05-04Sat|||||||||| "  
2019-05-05Sun|||||||||| "  
2019-05-06Mon|||||||||| "  
2019-05-07Tue|||||||||| "  
2019-05-08Wed||||||||| Marusa Zerjal  
2019-05-09Thu||||||||| WiFeS, Echelle  
2019-05-10Fri|||||||| "  
2019-05-11Sat||||||| "  
2019-05-12Sun|||||| "  
2019-05-13Mon|||| "  
2019-05-14Tue||| "  
2019-05-15Wed|| Murphy SJ  
2019-05-16Thu| Echelle+WiFeS  
2019-05-17Fri| "  
2019-05-18Sat  Bessell Mike  
2019-05-19Sun  WiFes  
2019-05-20Mon  "  
2019-05-21Tue  "  
2019-05-22Wed| "  
2019-05-23Thu| "  
2019-05-24Fri|| Gary Da Costa  
2019-05-25Sat||| WiFeS  
2019-05-26Sun|||| "  
2019-05-27Mon||||| "  
2019-05-28Tue|||||| "  
2019-05-29Wed||||||| Jeremy Mould - WiFeS  
2019-05-30Thu|||||||| Edward N Taylor  
2019-05-31Fri|||||||| WiFeS  
2019-06-01Sat||||||||| "  
2019-06-02Sun|||||||||| "  
2019-06-03Mon|||||||||| "  
2019-06-04Tue|||||||||| "  
2019-06-05Wed|||||||||| Dr Foteini Lykou  
2019-06-06Thu||||||||| WiFeS  
2019-06-07Fri||||||||| "  
2019-06-08Sat|||||||| "  
2019-06-09Sun||||||| Gary Da Costa  
2019-06-10Mon|||||| WiFeS  
2019-06-11Tue||||| "  
2019-06-12Wed||| "  
2019-06-13Thu|| Jeremy Mould - WiFeS  
2019-06-14Fri|| Stephen Marsden  
2019-06-15Sat| Echelle+WiFeS  
2019-06-16Sun  "  
2019-06-17Mon  "  
2019-06-18Tue  "  
2019-06-19Wed  "  
2019-06-20Thu| "  
2019-06-21Fri| Gary Da Costa  
2019-06-22Sat|| WiFeS  
2019-06-23Sun|| "  
2019-06-24Mon||| Jeremy Mould - WiFeS  
2019-06-25Tue|||| Sara Webb  
2019-06-26Wed||||| WiFeS  
2019-06-27Thu|||||| "  
2019-06-28Fri||||||| "  
2019-06-29Sat|||||||| "  
2019-06-30Sun||||||||| Wolf C.  
2019-07-01Mon||||||||| WiFeS  
2019-07-02Tue|||||||||| "  
2019-07-03Wed|||||||||| "  
2019-07-04Thu|||||||||| "  
2019-07-05Fri|||||||||| "  
2019-07-06Sat||||||||| Jeremy Mould - WiFeS  
2019-07-07Sun|||||||| Stenborg TN Dr  
2019-07-08Mon||||||| WiFeS  
2019-07-09Tue|||||| "  
2019-07-10Wed||||| Marusa Zerjal  
2019-07-11Thu|||| WiFeS, Echelle  
2019-07-12Fri||| "  
2019-07-13Sat|| Murphy SJ  
2019-07-14Sun| Echelle+WiFeS  
2019-07-15Mon| "  
2019-07-16Tue  Gary Da Costa  
2019-07-17Wed  WiFeS  
2019-07-18Thu  "  
2019-07-19Fri  Marusa Zerjal  
2019-07-20Sat| WiFeS, Echelle  
2019-07-21Sun| "  
2019-07-22Mon|| "  
2019-07-23Tue||| "  
2019-07-24Wed|||| Gary Da Costa  
2019-07-25Thu||||| WiFeS  
2019-07-26Fri|||||| "  
2019-07-27Sat||||||| Sara Webb  
2019-07-28Sun||||||| WiFeS  
2019-07-29Mon|||||||| "  
2019-07-30Tue||||||||| Jeremy Mould - WiFeS  
2019-07-31Wed|||||||||| Seo-Won Chang - WiFeS  
Two target-of-opportunity programs have been awarded time:
Mould et al. have been allocated up to 40 triggers, each of one hour or less.
Chang et al have been allocated up to six triggers, each of two hours or less.
All observers are required to make a best-effort attempt to execute these triggers if requested. In return, the ToO proposers will make "pay-back" observations for you, later in the semester.