RSAA Schedule for Winter Quarter 2013 - Version: 17-03-2013

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2013-05-01Wed||| Casey (R)  
2013-05-02Thu|||| Echelle  
2013-05-03Fri||||| "  
2013-05-04Sat|||||| "  
2013-05-05Sun||||||| "  
2013-05-06Mon|||||||| "  
2013-05-07Tue||||||||| "  
2013-05-08Wed||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-05-09Thu|||||||||| Kewley (R)  
2013-05-10Fri|||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-05-11Sat|||||||||| "  
2013-05-12Sun|||||||||| "  
2013-05-13Mon||||||||| Sattherthwaite (R)  
2013-05-14Tue||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-05-15Wed|||||||| "  
2013-05-16Thu||||||| "  
2013-05-17Fri||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-05-18Sat|||||| Bayliss (R)  
2013-05-19Sun||||| WIFES+Echelle  
2013-05-20Mon|||| "  
2013-05-21Tue||| "  
2013-05-22Wed|| "  
2013-05-23Thu| "  
2013-05-24Fri  "  
2013-05-25Sat  "  
2013-05-26Sun  Childress (R)  
2013-05-27Mon  Keller (R)  
2013-05-28Tue| WiFeS  
2013-05-29Wed|| "  
2013-05-30Thu||| "  
2013-05-31Fri|||| "  
2013-06-01Sat||||| Parker  
2013-06-02Sun|||||| WiFeS  
2013-06-03Mon||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-06-04Tue|||||||| Mould (R)  
2013-06-05Wed||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-06-06Thu||||||||| "  
2013-06-07Fri|||||||||| Davies (R)  
2013-06-08Sat|||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-06-09Sun|||||||||| "  
2013-06-10Mon|||||||||| "  
2013-06-11Tue|||||||||| "  
2013-06-12Wed||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-06-13Thu||||||||| Parker  
2013-06-14Fri|||||||| WiFeS  
2013-06-15Sat||||||| "  
2013-06-16Sun|||||| "  
2013-06-17Mon||||| "  
2013-06-18Tue|||| "  
2013-06-19Wed||| Rizzuto  
2013-06-20Thu|| WiFeS  
2013-06-21Fri| "  
2013-06-22Sat| Childress (R)  
2013-06-23Sun  Keller (R)  
2013-06-24Mon  WiFeS  
2013-06-25Tue  "  
2013-06-26Wed| "  
2013-06-27Thu| "  
2013-06-28Fri|| Owen (R)  
2013-06-29Sat||| WiFeS  
2013-06-30Sun|||| "  
2013-07-01Mon||||| "  
2013-07-02Tue|||||| "  
2013-07-03Wed||||||| "  
2013-07-04Thu|||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-07-05Fri||||||||| Sattherthwaite (R)  
2013-07-06Sat||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-07-07Sun|||||||||| "  
2013-07-08Mon|||||||||| Freeman (R)  
2013-07-09Tue|||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-07-10Wed|||||||||| "  
2013-07-11Thu|||||||||| Kewley (R)  
2013-07-12Fri||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-07-13Sat|||||||| "  
2013-07-14Sun|||||||| "  
2013-07-15Mon||||||| "  
2013-07-16Tue|||||| Childress (R)  
2013-07-17Wed||||| Keller (R)  
2013-07-18Thu||| WiFeS  
2013-07-19Fri|| Winter School (Kirby  
2013-07-20Sat| Keller (R)  
2013-07-21Sun| WiFeS  
2013-07-22Mon  "  
2013-07-23Tue  Tisserand (R)  
2013-07-24Wed  Wifes  
2013-07-25Thu  "  
2013-07-26Fri| "  
2013-07-27Sat|| "  
2013-07-28Sun||| "  
2013-07-29Mon|||| "  
2013-07-30Tue||||| "  
2013-07-31Wed|||||| Childress (R)  
The new blue CCDs for WiFeS are currently scheduled to be commissioned between roughly 23rd April and 14th May. There may be brief disruption at the start and end of this period, and the blue arm of WiFeS will not be available. Those allocated time in thi
Schmidt et al. have been granted Target of Opportunity (ToO) time of up to 9 x 60 min for GRB follow-up with WiFeS. If ToO time is to be triggered the Observer will altered.
(R) signifies Remote Observing