RSAA Schedule for Spring Quarter 2021 - Version: 13-10-2021

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2021-08-01Sun||||| Sheil JR Miss  
2021-08-02Mon|||||| WiFeS  
2021-08-03Tue||||||| "  
2021-08-04Wed|||||||| "  
2021-08-05Thu|||||||| "  
2021-08-06Fri||||||||| "  
2021-08-07Sat|||||||||| Rachel Webster  
2021-08-08Sun|||||||||| WiFES  
2021-08-09Mon|||||||||| "  
2021-08-10Tue|||||||||| "  
2021-08-11Wed|||||||||| "  
2021-08-12Thu||||||||| "  
2021-08-13Fri|||||||| "  
2021-08-14Sat||||||| "  
2021-08-15Sun|||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2021-08-16Mon||||| Lidman - WiFeS  
2021-08-17Tue|||| Tucker BE  
2021-08-18Wed||| WiFeS  
2021-08-19Thu|| Jamie Soon  
2021-08-20Fri| WiFeS  
2021-08-21Sat  "  
2021-08-22Sun  Peter Tuthill - WiFeS  
2021-08-23Mon  Engineering  
2021-08-24Tue  WiFeS  
2021-08-25Wed  Bessell Mike - WiFes  
2021-08-26Thu| Peter Tuthill  
2021-08-27Fri|| WiFeS  
2021-08-28Sat||| Bessell Mike  
2021-08-29Sun||| WiFes  
2021-08-30Mon|||| Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2021-08-31Tue||||| A. Kawka  
2021-09-01Wed|||||| WiFeS  
2021-09-02Thu||||||| "  
2021-09-03Fri|||||||| Ross, K - WiFeS  
2021-09-04Sat||||||||| Yong Shi  
2021-09-05Sun||||||||| WiFes  
2021-09-06Mon|||||||||| "  
2021-09-07Tue|||||||||| "  
2021-09-08Wed|||||||||| "  
2021-09-09Thu|||||||||| "  
2021-09-12Sun|||||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2021-09-13Mon|||||| ASTR2013 Projects  
2021-09-14Tue||||| WiFeS  
2021-09-15Wed|||| "  
2021-09-16Thu||| Lidman - WiFeS  
2021-09-17Fri|| Tucker BE  
2021-09-18Sat| WiFeS  
2021-09-19Sun| "  
2021-09-20Mon  Aluminising  
2021-09-21Tue  WiFeS  
2021-09-22Wed  Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2021-09-23Thu  Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2021-09-24Fri| Bessell Mike - WiFes  
2021-09-25Sat| Tucker BE  
2021-09-26Sun|| WiFeS  
2021-09-27Mon||| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2021-09-28Tue|||| Christopher A. Onken  
2021-09-29Wed||||| WiFeS  
2021-09-30Thu||||| "  
2021-10-01Fri|||||| "  
2021-10-02Sat||||||| "  
2021-10-03Sun|||||||| "  
2021-10-04Mon||||||||| "  
2021-10-05Tue|||||||||| "  
2021-10-06Wed|||||||||| Mitchell Dixon  
2021-10-07Thu|||||||||| WiFeS  
2021-10-08Fri|||||||||| "  
2021-10-09Sat||||||||| "  
2021-10-10Sun||||||||| "  
2021-10-11Mon|||||||| "  
2021-10-12Tue||||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2021-10-13Wed|||||| Tucker BE  
2021-10-14Thu||||| WiFeS  
2021-10-15Fri||| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2021-10-16Sat|| Tucker BE  
2021-10-17Sun|| WiFeS  
2021-10-18Mon| Bessell Mike  
2021-10-19Tue  WiFes  
2021-10-20Wed  "  
2021-10-21Thu  "  
2021-10-22Fri  "  
2021-10-23Sat  Tucker BE  
2021-10-24Sun| WiFeS  
2021-10-25Mon| "  
2021-10-26Tue|| "  
2021-10-27Wed||| "  
2021-10-28Thu|||| Dr. Katie Auchettl  
2021-10-29Fri||||| WiFeS  
2021-10-30Sat|||||| Dr. Katie Auchettl - WiFeS  
2021-10-31Sun||||||| Lidman - WiFeS  
Unscheduled time can be applied for by emailing the TAC chair.
Three target-of-opportunity programs have been approved this quarter:
Auchettl, 17 over-rides of up to 80 minutes each.
Lidman, 30 over-rides of up to one hour each.
Tucker, 40 over-rides of up to one hour each.