RSAA Schedule for Spring Quarter 2012 - Version: 14-06-2012

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2012-08-01Wed  Bayliss (R, KELT)  
2012-08-02Thu  WIFES  
2012-08-03Fri  "  
2012-08-04Sat  Bayliss (R, HAT-S)  
2012-08-05Sun| WIFES  
2012-08-06Mon| "  
2012-08-07Tue|| "  
2012-08-08Wed||| "  
2012-08-09Thu|||| "  
2012-08-10Fri||||| Childress et al(R)  
2012-08-11Sat|||||| WiFeS  
2012-08-12Sun||||||| "  
2012-08-13Mon|||||||| "  
2012-08-14Tue|||||||| Vogt et al  
2012-08-15Wed||||||||| WiFeS  
2012-08-16Thu|||||||||| "  
2012-08-17Fri|||||||||| "  
2012-08-18Sat|||||||||| "  
2012-08-19Sun|||||||||| "  
2012-08-20Mon|||||||||| Danehkar et al  
2012-08-21Tue||||||||| WiFeS  
2012-08-22Wed|||||||| "  
2012-08-23Thu||||||| "  
2012-08-24Fri|||||| Lidman et al  
2012-08-25Sat||||| Imager  
2012-08-26Sun|||| "  
2012-08-27Mon||| "  
2012-08-28Tue|| "  
2012-08-29Wed| "  
2012-08-30Thu  "  
2012-08-31Fri  Keller et al (R)  
2012-09-01Sat  WiFeS  
2012-09-02Sun  "  
2012-09-03Mon  "  
2012-09-04Tue| "  
2012-09-05Wed|| "  
2012-09-06Thu|| Childress et al(R)  
2012-09-07Fri||| WiFeS  
2012-09-08Sat|||| Bayliss (R, HAT-S)  
2012-09-09Sun||||| WIFES  
2012-09-10Mon|||||| Satterthwaite (R)  
2012-09-11Tue||||||| WiFeS  
2012-09-12Wed|||||||| "  
2012-09-13Thu||||||||| "  
2012-09-14Fri||||||||| "  
2012-09-15Sat|||||||||| "  
2012-09-16Sun|||||||||| "  
2012-09-17Mon|||||||||| Zahid et al  
2012-09-18Tue|||||||||| WiFeS  
2012-09-19Wed||||||||| "  
2012-09-20Thu|||||||| "  
2012-09-21Fri||||||| Childress et al(R)  
2012-09-22Sat|||||| WiFeS  
2012-09-23Sun||||| "  
2012-09-24Mon|||| Tisserand (RCrB) (R)  
2012-09-25Tue||| Wifes  
2012-09-26Wed|| "  
2012-09-27Thu| "  
2012-09-28Fri| Keller et al (R)  
2012-09-29Sat  WiFeS  
2012-09-30Sun  "  
2012-10-01Mon  "  
2012-10-02Tue  "  
2012-10-03Wed| "  
2012-10-04Thu| "  
2012-10-05Fri|| Sweet et al  
2012-10-06Sat||| WiFeS  
2012-10-07Sun||| "  
2012-10-08Mon|||| "  
2012-10-09Tue||||| "  
2012-10-10Wed|||||| Dopita et al  
2012-10-11Thu||||||| WiFeS  
2012-10-12Fri|||||||| "  
2012-10-13Sat||||||||| "  
2012-10-14Sun||||||||| "  
2012-10-15Mon|||||||||| "  
2012-10-16Tue|||||||||| "  
2012-10-17Wed|||||||||| Scott et al  
2012-10-18Thu||||||||| WiFeS  
2012-10-19Fri||||||||| "  
2012-10-20Sat|||||||| "  
2012-10-21Sun||||||| "  
2012-10-22Mon|||||| Childress et al(R)  
2012-10-23Tue||||| WiFeS  
2012-10-24Wed||| Bayliss (R, HAT-S)  
2012-10-25Thu||| Bayliss(R)/Murphy(R)  
2012-10-26Fri|| WIFES  
2012-10-27Sat| "  
2012-10-28Sun  "  
2012-10-29Mon  "  
2012-10-30Tue  "  
2012-10-31Wed  "  
25-31 October: Bayliss et al (HAT-S) 1st half, Murphy et al. 2nd half.
Schmidt et al have been granted Target of Opportunity (ToO) time of up to 9x60min for GRB follow-up with WiFeS. If ToO time is to triggered the Observer will be alerted.
(R) for remote observing.