RSAA Schedule for Spring Quarter 2010 - Version: 18-10-2010

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2010-08-01Sun||| Marsden et al  
2010-08-02Mon||| Echelle  
2010-08-03Tue|||| "  
2010-08-04Wed||||| "  
2010-08-05Thu|||||| "  
2010-08-06Fri||||||| "  
2010-08-07Sat|||||||| "  
2010-08-08Sun||||||||| "  
2010-08-09Mon|||||||||| Dr. Milorad Stupar  
2010-08-10Tue|||||||||| WiFeS  
2010-08-11Wed|||||||||| "  
2010-08-12Thu|||||||||| "  
2010-08-13Fri||||||||| Dr Elizabeth Wylie de Boer  
2010-08-14Sat|||||||| Echelle  
2010-08-15Sun||||||| "  
2010-08-16Mon|||||| "  
2010-08-17Tue||||| "  
2010-08-18Wed|||| "  
2010-08-19Thu||| Software Eng (R)  
2010-08-20Fri|| WiFeS  
2010-08-21Sat| "  
2010-08-22Sun| "  
2010-08-23Mon  Marsden et al  
2010-08-24Tue  Echelle  
2010-08-25Wed  "  
2010-08-26Thu  "  
2010-08-27Fri  "  
2010-08-28Sat| "  
2010-08-29Sun| "  
2010-08-30Mon|| Tucker (R)  
2010-08-31Tue||| WiFeS  
2010-09-01Wed|||| David Nicholls  
2010-09-02Thu||||| WiFeS  
2010-09-03Fri|||||| "  
2010-09-04Sat||||||| "  
2010-09-05Sun|||||||| "  
2010-09-06Mon||||||||| "  
2010-09-07Tue||||||||| "  
2010-09-08Wed|||||||||| K Bannister et al  
2010-09-09Thu|||||||||| WiFeS  
2010-09-10Fri|||||||||| "  
2010-09-11Sat||||||||| "  
2010-09-12Sun||||||||| "  
2010-09-13Mon|||||||| Marsden et al  
2010-09-14Tue||||||| Echelle  
2010-09-15Wed|||||| "  
2010-09-16Thu||||| "  
2010-09-17Fri|||| "  
2010-09-18Sat||| "  
2010-09-19Sun|| "  
2010-09-20Mon| Wood (R Oct only)  
2010-09-21Tue| WiFeS  
2010-09-22Wed  "  
2010-09-23Thu  "  
2010-09-24Fri  Marsden et al  
2010-09-25Sat  Echelle  
2010-09-26Sun  Scharw"achter J Dr  
2010-09-27Mon| WiFeS  
2010-09-28Tue|| Tucker (R)  
2010-09-29Wed|| WiFeS  
2010-09-30Thu||| Bessell(R)  
2010-10-01Fri|||| Scharw"achter J Dr  
2010-10-02Sat||||| WiFeS  
2010-10-03Sun||||||| "  
2010-10-04Mon|||||||| "  
2010-10-05Tue||||||||| "  
2010-10-06Wed||||||||| David Nicholls  
2010-10-07Thu|||||||||| WiFeS  
2010-10-08Fri|||||||||| "  
2010-10-09Sat|||||||||| "  
2010-10-10Sun|||||||||| "  
2010-10-11Mon||||||||| "  
2010-10-12Tue|||||||| Bayliss (R)  
2010-10-13Wed||||||| WIFES  
2010-10-14Thu|||||| "  
2010-10-15Fri||||| K.C. Freeman  
2010-10-16Sat|||| Echelle  
2010-10-17Sun||| "  
2010-10-18Mon||| "  
2010-10-19Tue|| "  
2010-10-20Wed| "  
2010-10-21Thu| "  
2010-10-22Fri  Wood (R Oct only)  
2010-10-23Sat  WiFeS  
2010-10-24Sun  "  
2010-10-25Mon  "  
2010-10-26Tue| Tisserand (R)  
2010-10-27Wed| Wifes  
2010-10-28Thu|| "  
2010-10-29Fri||| "  
2010-10-30Sat|||| "  
2010-10-31Sun||||| "  
Schmidt et al have been granted Target of Opportunity (ToO) time of up tp 9 x 60 min for GRB follow-up with WiFeS. If ToO time is to be triggered the Observer will be alerted.
The rules governing the ToO program are posted in the 2.3m control room.
Unallocated time can be requested by contacting the TAC Chair.
(R) indicates remote observing from MSO.
** 26 and 27 Sept: first half Scharw"achter, second half Wood. Remote from MSO **