RSAA Schedule for Autumn Quarter 2022 - Version: 22-03-2022

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2022-02-01Tue|||||||||| Mitchell Dixon  
2022-02-02Wed|||||||||| WiFeS  
2022-02-03Thu|||||||||| "  
2022-02-04Fri||||||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2022-02-05Sat||||||||| Rains AD (RSAA)  
2022-02-06Sun|||||||| WiFeS  
2022-02-07Mon||||||| "  
2022-02-08Tue|||||| Gary Da Costa  
2022-02-09Wed||||| WiFeS  
2022-02-10Thu|||| Dr. Katie Auchettl - WiFeS  
2022-02-11Fri||| Gary Da Costa - WiFeS  
2022-02-12Sat|| Bessell Mike  
2022-02-13Sun|| WiFes  
2022-02-14Mon| "  
2022-02-15Tue  "  
2022-02-16Wed  "  
2022-02-17Thu  "  
2022-02-18Fri  "  
2022-02-19Sat  "  
2022-02-20Sun| "  
2022-02-21Mon|| "  
2022-02-22Tue|| "  
2022-02-23Wed||| Gary Da Costa  
2022-02-24Thu||||| WiFeS  
2022-02-25Fri|||||| "  
2022-02-26Sat||||||| "  
2022-02-27Sun|||||||| Sheil JR Miss  
2022-02-28Mon||||||||| WiFeS  
2022-03-01Tue||||||||| Gary Da Costa - WiFeS  
2022-03-02Wed|||||||||| Henry Zovaro  
2022-03-03Thu|||||||||| WiFeS  
2022-03-04Fri|||||||||| "  
2022-03-05Sat|||||||||| "  
2022-03-06Sun||||||||| "  
2022-03-07Mon|||||||| "  
2022-03-08Tue|||||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2022-03-09Wed||||||| Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2022-03-10Thu|||||| Christian Wolf  
2022-03-11Fri||||| WiFeS  
2022-03-12Sat|||| "  
2022-03-14Mon|| Bessell Mike - WiFes  
2022-03-16Wed| Bessell Mike  
2022-03-17Thu  WiFes  
2022-03-18Fri  Rob Sharp  
2022-03-19Sat  WiFeS  
2022-03-20Sun  "  
2022-03-21Mon| "  
2022-03-23Wed|| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-03-24Thu||| Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2022-03-25Fri|||| Oh Wei Shen  
2022-03-26Sat||||| WiFeS  
2022-03-27Sun||||||| Rains AD (RSAA)  
2022-03-28Mon|||||||| WiFeS  
2022-03-29Tue|||||||| "  
2022-03-30Wed||||||||| Dr. Katie Auchettl - WiFeS  
2022-03-31Thu|||||||||| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-04-01Fri|||||||||| Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2022-04-02Sat|||||||||| Christian Wolf  
2022-04-03Sun|||||||||| WiFeS  
2022-04-04Mon||||||||| "  
2022-04-05Tue||||||||| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-04-06Wed|||||||| Christian Wolf  
2022-04-07Thu||||||| WiFeS  
2022-04-08Fri||||||| "  
2022-04-09Sat|||||| Prof JCA Miller-Jones - WiFeS  
2022-04-10Sun||||| Gary Da Costa  
2022-04-11Mon|||| WiFeS  
2022-04-12Tue||| "  
2022-04-13Wed|| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-04-14Thu| Tucker BE - WiFeS  
2022-04-18Mon  Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-04-19Tue  Doris Grosse  
2022-04-20Wed| WiFeS+Visitor-NasB  
2022-04-21Thu|| "  
2022-04-22Fri||| "  
2022-04-23Sat|||| Jamie Soon - WiFeS  
2022-04-24Sun||||| Dr. Katie Auchettl  
2022-04-25Mon|||||| WiFeS  
2022-04-26Tue||||||| Lidman  
2022-04-27Wed|||||||| WiFeS  
2022-04-28Thu||||||||| "  
2022-04-29Fri||||||||| Tucker BE  
2022-04-30Sat|||||||||| WiFeS  
Four programs have been awarded Target of Opportunity status and may request overrides.
Lidman: 30 overrides of up to 1 hour each.
Tucker: 50 overrides of up to 1 hour each
Auchettl: 12 overrides of up to 1 hour each
Auchettl: 5 overrides of up to 1.5 hours each