RSAA Schedule for Autumn Quarter 2017 - Version: 22-02-2017

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2017-02-01Wed||||||||| Panther (R)  
2017-02-02Thu|||||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-03Fri||||||| Da Costa (R)  
2017-02-04Sat|||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-05Sun||||| "  
2017-02-06Mon||| Bento (R)  
2017-02-07Tue|| WIFES  
2017-02-08Wed| "  
2017-02-09Thu| "  
2017-02-10Fri  "  
2017-02-11Sat  Streamer (R)  
2017-02-12Sun  WiFeS  
2017-02-13Mon  Moriarty  
2017-02-14Tue| WiFeS  
2017-02-15Wed| Bento (R)  
2017-02-16Thu|| WIFES  
2017-02-17Fri||| "  
2017-02-18Sat|||| Streamer (R)  
2017-02-19Sun||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-20Mon|||||| Wolf (R)  
2017-02-21Tue||||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-22Wed|||||||| "  
2017-02-23Thu|||||||| Da Costa (R)  
2017-02-24Fri||||||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-25Sat|||||||||| "  
2017-02-26Sun|||||||||| Seitenzahl (R)  
2017-02-27Mon|||||||||| WiFeS  
2017-02-28Tue|||||||||| "  
2017-03-01Wed|||||||||| "  
2017-03-02Thu||||||||| "  
2017-03-03Fri|||||||| Bian (R)  
2017-03-04Sat||||||| WiFeS  
2017-03-05Sun|||||| "  
2017-03-06Mon||||| "  
2017-03-07Tue|||| Baldwin  
2017-03-08Wed||| WiFeS  
2017-03-09Thu|| "  
2017-03-10Fri| Mould (R)  
2017-03-11Sat  Bessell (R)  
2017-03-12Sun  WiFes  
2017-03-13Mon  "  
2017-03-14Tue  "  
2017-03-15Wed  "  
2017-03-16Thu| "  
2017-03-17Fri| Da Costa (R)  
2017-03-18Sat|| WiFeS  
2017-03-19Sun||| "  
2017-03-20Mon|||| "  
2017-03-21Tue||||| "  
2017-03-22Wed|||||| "  
2017-03-23Thu||||||| Baldwin  
2017-03-24Fri|||||||| Bian (R)  
2017-03-25Sat||||||||| WiFeS  
2017-03-26Sun||||||||| "  
2017-03-27Mon|||||||||| "  
2017-03-28Tue|||||||||| Wolf (R)  
2017-03-29Wed|||||||||| WiFeS  
2017-03-30Thu|||||||||| "  
2017-03-31Fri||||||||| "  
2017-04-01Sat|||||||| "  
2017-04-02Sun||||||| "  
2017-04-03Mon|||||| Bellstedt (R)  
2017-04-04Tue||||| WiFeS  
2017-04-05Wed|||| "  
2017-04-06Thu||| "  
2017-04-07Fri|| Murphy (R)  
2017-04-08Sat| WiFeS  
2017-04-09Sun| Moriarty  
2017-04-10Mon  Mould (R)  
2017-04-11Tue  Moriarty  
2017-04-12Wed  Murphy (R)  
2017-04-13Thu  WiFeS  
2017-04-14Fri| "  
2017-04-15Sat| Da Costa (R)  
2017-04-16Sun|| WiFeS  
2017-04-17Mon|| "  
2017-04-18Tue||| "  
2017-04-19Wed|||| "  
2017-04-20Thu||||| "  
2017-04-21Fri|||||| Dopita (R)  
2017-04-22Sat||||||| WiFeS  
2017-04-23Sun|||||||| "  
2017-04-24Mon||||||||| "  
2017-04-25Tue||||||||| "  
2017-04-26Wed|||||||||| "  
2017-04-27Thu|||||||||| Freeman (R)  
2017-04-28Fri|||||||||| WiFeS  
2017-04-29Sat||||||||| "  
2017-04-30Sun||||||||| "  
Tucker et al. have been granted 100 hours of target-of-opportunity (ToO) override time to follow up newly discovered supernovae.
When a suitable target is found, they will contact the observer via a pop-up window in the TAROS GUI. The observer will have 24 hours from the time of the notification in which to observe the target. It is up to the observer when in the night they make th
More than one ToO observation may be triggered in the same night, though we expect this to be uncommon. If an observer feels that too much of their time is being preempted, they may appeal to the TAC chair ( Note however that the