RSAA Schedule for Autumn Quarter 2013 - Version: 17-03-2013

There is a PostScript version of this schedule

2013-02-01Fri|| Keller  
2013-02-02Sat||| WiFeS  
2013-02-03Sun|||| "  
2013-02-04Mon||||| "  
2013-02-05Tue|||||| "  
2013-02-06Wed||||||| "  
2013-02-07Thu|||||||| Satterthwaite (R)  
2013-02-08Fri||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-02-09Sat|||||||||| "  
2013-02-10Sun|||||||||| "  
2013-02-11Mon|||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-02-12Tue|||||||||| Satterthwaite (R)  
2013-02-13Wed||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-02-14Thu||||||||| "  
2013-02-15Fri|||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-02-16Sat||||||| Owen (R)  
2013-02-17Sun|||||| WiFeS  
2013-02-18Mon||||| "  
2013-02-19Tue|||| "  
2013-02-20Wed||| "  
2013-02-21Thu||| "  
2013-02-22Fri|| Murphy (R)  
2013-02-23Sat| WiFeS  
2013-02-24Sun| "  
2013-02-25Mon  "  
2013-02-26Tue  Childress (R)  
2013-02-27Wed  Rizzuto  
2013-02-28Thu  WiFeS  
2013-03-01Fri| "  
2013-03-02Sat|| "  
2013-03-03Sun|| "  
2013-03-04Mon|||| Dopita  
2013-03-05Tue||||| WiFeS  
2013-03-06Wed|||||| "  
2013-03-07Thu||||||| "  
2013-03-08Fri|||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-03-09Sat||||||||| Dopita  
2013-03-10Sun||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-03-11Mon|||||||||| "  
2013-03-12Tue|||||||||| "  
2013-03-13Wed|||||||||| "  
2013-03-14Thu|||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-03-15Fri||||||||| Mould (R)  
2013-03-16Sat||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-03-17Sun|||||||| "  
2013-03-18Mon||||||| "  
2013-03-19Tue|||||| "  
2013-03-20Wed||||| Kennedy  
2013-03-21Thu|||| WiFeS  
2013-03-22Fri||| Bayliss (R)  
2013-03-23Sat|| WIFES+Echelle  
2013-03-24Sun|| "  
2013-03-25Mon| Childress (R)  
2013-03-26Tue  Bayliss (R)  
2013-03-27Wed  WIFES+Echelle  
2013-03-28Thu  "  
2013-03-29Fri  "  
2013-03-30Sat| "  
2013-03-31Sun| "  
2013-04-01Mon|| "  
2013-04-02Tue||| Owen (R)  
2013-04-03Wed|||| WiFeS  
2013-04-04Thu||||| "  
2013-04-05Fri||||||| Satterthwaite (R)  
2013-04-06Sat|||||||| WiFeS  
2013-04-07Sun|||||||| "  
2013-04-08Mon||||||||| "  
2013-04-09Tue|||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-04-10Wed|||||||||| Pracy  
2013-04-11Thu|||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-04-12Fri|||||||||| Childress (R)  
2013-04-13Sat|||||||||| Ho (R)  
2013-04-14Sun||||||||| WiFeS  
2013-04-15Mon|||||||| "  
2013-04-16Tue|||||||| "  
2013-04-17Wed||||||| "  
2013-04-18Thu|||||| "  
2013-04-19Fri||||| "  
2013-04-20Sat|||| Johnson  
2013-04-21Sun||| WiFeS  
2013-04-22Mon|| "  
2013-04-23Tue| Murphy (R)  
2013-04-24Wed| Childress (R)  
2013-04-25Thu  Keller  
2013-04-26Fri  WiFeS  
2013-04-27Sat  "  
2013-04-28Sun  "  
2013-04-29Mon| "  
2013-04-30Tue|| "  
The new blue CCDs for WiFeS are currently scheduled to be commissioned at some point in March. All these time allocations should therefore be regarded as provisional and subject to change.
Schmidt et al. have been granted Target of Opportunity (ToO) time of up to 9 x 60 min for GRB follow-up with WiFeS. If ToO time is to be triggered the Observer will altered.
Bannister et al. have been granted two hours observing over-ride on 14th February, and will contact the observer (Satterthwaite) well ahead of time to arrange this.
(R) signifies Remote Observing