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Proposed Facility

What this work needs is a good space telescope to get high resolution images of these galaxies, and some really big ground-based telescopes equipped with low resolution, multi-object spectrographs, to measure their redshifts. So, the money should be spent on keeping the Hubble Space telescope going (or launching a replacement), and on a few more Keck telescopes. Or maybe a private 50m telescope for Caltech would be a good idea...

Rumor has it that some low individuals, jealous at your great success, are claiming that you have missed most of the galaxies in the early universe: that these galaxies are too red or too dusty for the Ly-limit technique to detect. They will doubtless be pushing for money to buy expensive toys to search for these non-existent red galaxies. It would be sad if it wasn't a threat to your research: you have to make sure that these poor deluded individuals don't warp peoples minds and persuade them to vote for these hair-brained schemes.

Paul Francis
Sun Aug 30 11:56:56 EST 1998