RSAA Local Versions of Gemini Interface Control Documents

Note that these are 'General' ICDs giving information about protocols, not specific ICDs giving details of the full interfaces between specific Gemini systems. For that information, refer to the IGPO ICD Database.

ICD-01a13The System Command Interface (PS)12/31/96
ICD-01b05The Baseline Attribute/Value Interface (PS)12/31/96
ICD-01c05Baseline DHS interface (PS) 06/16/98
ICD-0207System Status and Alarms Interface (PS)12/31/96
ICD-0323Bulk Data Transfer (PS)06/16/98
ICD-0411Logging Information (PS)01/23/97
ICD-0501Wavefront Sensing Information Interface (PS)02/17/95
ICD-061.0ICS/TCS Direct Control Interface (PS)12/04/96
ICD-07a20ICS Subsystem Interfaces (PS)10/03/97
ICD-07b12TCS Subsystem Interfaces (PS)06/03/97
ICD-0803Non-conforming ICS Interfaces (PS)09/06/96
ICD-0901EPICS Time Bus Driver (PS)09/04/96
ICD-1002EPICS Synchro Bus Driver (PS)11/20/97
ICD-1100Event Bus (PS)02/17/95
ICD-1200Interlock System (PS)02/17/95
ICD-1304Standard Controller (PS)11/20/97
ICD-1406Core Instrument Control System (PS)10/03/97
ICD-1502DHS Database Interfaces (PS)10/16/96
ICD-1607The Parameter Definition Format (PS)01/23/97
ICD-1903Allen-Bradley PLC Interface (PS)07/16/97
ICD-G0001ATelescope Tube Mass Balance f/16 IR Top End Config. (PS)07/14/93
ICD-G0002ATelescope Tube Mass Balance f/16 Optical Top End Config. (PS)07/14/93
ICD-G0003ATelescope Tube Mass Balance f/6 Top End Config. (PS)07/14/93
ICD-G0004DTelescope Hard Stop Angular Limits, Deceleration (PS)09/03/97
ICD-G0005CTelescope Maximum Velocity, Acceleration Req'mts (PS)11/11/93
ICD-G0006ATelescope Mass Properties (PS)11/11/93
ICD-G0007ATelescope Maximum Drive Torque Requirements (PS)11/11/93
ICD-G0012AFast Tip-Tilt Loop Latency Document (PS)06/28/95
ICD-G0013BGemini Environmental Requirements (PS)10/08/96
ICD-G001401Gemini Observatory Optomechanical Coordinate System (PS)12/16/96
ICD-G0015AGemini Facility Handling Equipment and Procedures (PS)05/15/97