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Final Program

12-13 March 2013
Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA

Day One

Current Status: (Chair: Matthew Colless)

09:00 Welcome/Goals Wendy Freedman (Carnegie Obs)
09:10 Project Status Overview Pat McCarthy (GMTO)
09:40 GMTIFS Motivation/Implementation Summary Peter McGregor (ANU)
10:10 GMT AO Overview Antonin Bouchez (GMTO)
10:30 Coffee

Assembly of Galaxies: (Chair: Richard Kron)

11:00 Galaxy Assembly Pat McCarthy (GMTO)
11:30 Chemical Evolution of Galaxies (Invited) Lisa Kewley (ANU)
12:00 Morphological Evolution of Galaxies (Invited) Ryan Quadri (Carnegie Obs)
12:30 Lunch

Feedback Processes: (Chair: Warrick Couch)

13:30 AGN Feedback (Invited) Nicole Nesvadba (IAS)
14:00 IFS Studies of Overdense Regions at High Redshift Roderik Overzier (UTexas)
14:15 Building Model Universes in the "Cloud" Darren Croton (Swinburne)
14:30 What Can Theoretical Models Predict for GMTIFS Observations Andrew Benson (Carnegie Obs)
14:45 Mapping BCGs with the VIMOS IFS on the VLT Jimmy (Texas A&M)
15:00 Circumnuclear Regions of AGN (Invited) Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann (UFRGS)
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Carnegie Colloquium Jon Gardner (JWST)
17:30 Close, Day 1

Day Two:

Assembly of Galaxies (cont'd): (Chair: Alan Dressler)

09:00 Role of Gravitational Lenses (Invited) Mike Gladders (UChicago)
09:30 HST/Spitzer/Herschel Survey of Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies in the Fields of Massive Lensing Clusters Eiichi Egami (UArizona)

First Light/Reionization:

09:45 First Light Galaxies (Invited) Dan Stark (UArizona)
10:15 100 Million Years After the Big Bang Jeremy Mould (Swinburne)
10:30 Coffee

First Light/Reionization (cont'd): (Chair: Jeremy Mould)

11:00 Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies (Invited) Hsiao-Wen Chen (UChicago)

Central Massive Objects:

11:30 Nuclear Black Holes and Star Clusters (Invited) Karl Gebhardt (UTexas)
12:00 Revised Black-Hole Mass Scaling Relations Alister Graham (Swinburne)
12:15 A Black Hole Binary Candidate with Two NLRs Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul National)
12:30 Lunch

Star/Planet Formation: (Chair: Bob Blum)

13:30 Observing Disks and Exosolar Planets With GMTIFS (Invited) Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM)
14:00 Solar System Objects (Invited) Imke de Pater (UC Berkeley)

Instrumentation: (Chair: George Jacoby)

14:30 Poisson-Limited Sky Subtraction Quality in the NIR Using MMIRS Igor Chilingarian (SAO)
14:45 MANIFEST Integral-Field Capability Matthew Colless (ANU)
15:00 The VIRUS Spectrographs for the HEXDEX Project Jennifer Marshall (Texas A&M)
15:15 What Is Possible/What We Have Learned? Peter McGregor (ANU)
16:15 Close, Day 2

Relax with wine & cheese while the Sun sets over Santa Barbara St...

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