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GMTIFS Overview

The Giant Magellan Telescope Integral-Field Spectrograph

GMTIFS will incorporate an adaptive-optics near-infrared integral-field spectrograph (IFS) with an adaptive-optics near-infrared imager. Full details on the current design aspects of GMTIFS are available at the GMTIFS web site.
GMTIFS will be fed either by the GMT Natural Guide Star or Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics systems. Natural-seeing observations are not excluded, but will be highly over-sampled.

Integral Field Spectrograph



Exposure Time Calculator

IFS Imager

Operational Wavelength Range

GMTIFS will operate in the 0.9-2.5 micron wavelength range.
Four high-resolution gratings cover individual astronomical bands.
Three medium-resolution gratings provide multi-band overlap.
YJHK broad-band filters.
Intermediate-band filters.
Methane filter pair.

Spectral Resolution

R~5,000 & R~10,000
(60 km/s & 30 km/s)

Spatial Resolution and Field of View

Field of View Spaxel Mode of observation
(arcseconds) (mas)  
4.40x2.2550 High sensitivity for low surface-brightness sources
2.20x1.12525 Intermediate spatial resolution for extended sources
1.056x0.5412 Nyquist sampling of the K-band PSF
0.528x0.276 Nyquist sampling of the J-band PSF
Field of View Pixel scale
(arcseconds) (mas)
AO-corrected field

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