MSSSO Annual Report 1997


Colloquium Speakers Institution

Miles Adcock Imperial College, London

Phil Appleton Iowa State University

Isabelle Baraffe Astronomical Research Centre of Lyon

Frank Bash University of Texas

Gilles Chabrier Astronomical Research Centre of Lyon

Cesare Chiosi Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

Carol Christian Space Telescope Science Institute

You-Hua Chu University of Illinois

Pavel Denissenkov St. Petersburg State University

Imke de Pater University of California, Berkeley

John Dickey University of Minnesota

Mike Disney University of Cardiff

Mike Dopita MSSSO

Alberto Fernandez-Soto University of New South Wales

Anna Gatti Imperial College London

Karl Glazebrook Anglo-Australian Observatory

Roberto Gilmozzi European Southern Observatory

Raymond Haynes Australia Telescope National Facility

Lewis Jones University of New South Wales

Ivan King University of California, Berkeley

Rene Kraan-Korteweg Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

Kristen Larson Rensaeller Polytechnic Institute

Charles Lineweaver University of New South Wales

Rafaella Morganti Instituto di Radioastronomia, Bologna

Jeremy Mould MSSSO

John Pritchard University of Canterbury

Brigitte Rocca Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

Linda Sparke University of Wisconsin

Jason Spyromilio European Southern Observatory

Ben Stappers MSSSO

Lowell Tacconi-Garman Max-Planck-Institut, Garching

Chris Tout Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

Montse Villar-Martin University of Sheffield

Mark Wardle Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics

Dayal Wickramasinghe ANU Astrophysical Theory Centre

Mark Whittle University of Virginia

Visitors and Colloquia

Other Speakers

Mark Corbould CNIP

Bryan Gaensler Univ. Sydney/ATNF

Richard Gooch ATNF

John Luck AUSLIG

Rosaria Tantalo Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

Michelle Thaller Georgia State University

MSSSO Friday Speakers

Mark Allen, David Bersier, Mike Bessell, Martin Bureau, Matthew Colless, Gary Da Costa, Mike Dopita, Paul Francis, Lisa Germany, Brad Gibson, Alister Graham, Tavis Hamer, Charlene Heisler, Ron Hola, Helmut Jerjen, Heath Jones, Agris Kalnajs, Sung Kim, Stefan Keller, Lisa Kewley, Gosta Lynga, Peter McGregor, John Norris, Oak-Kyoung Park, Bruce Peterson, David Pfitzner, Ian Price, Mary Putman, Jeanette Regan, Brian Schmidt, Roberto Soria, Ralph Sutherland, Peter Wood.

Visitors to Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories

Hon. Kate Carnell, ACT Chief Minister

Mr Dominique Girard, Ambassador of France

Mr Geoff Prosser, Federal Minister for Small Business and Consumer Affairs

Mr Gerard Siclet, Scientific Counsellor, Embassy of France

Hon. Okawa Yasunori, Mayor of the City of Nara, Japan

Visiting Observers on ANU Telescopes

Albrow, Dr M South African Astronomical Observatory

Allen, Ms L University of New South Wales

Andreeva, Dr P University of Tromsoe

Appleton, Dr PN Iowa State University

Arnaboldi, Dr M Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte

Baldry, Dr I Sydney University

Baker, Ms JC Sydney University

Barnes, Mr D University of Melbourne

Bedding, Dr T Sydney University

Beers, Dr TC Michigan State University

Begam, Mr M University of Virginia

Bennett, Dr D Notre Dame University

Binggeli, Dr B Astronomisches Institut Universitat, Basel

Bland-Hawthorne, Dr J Anglo-Australian Observatory

MSSSO Annual Report 1997

Boyle, Dr B Anglo-Australian Observatory

Bowon, Dr L Seoul National University

Brown, Dr M University of Melbourne

Burton, Dr M University of New South Wales

Busarello, Dr G Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte

Byun, Dr Y National Central University, Taiwan

Cally, Dr P Monash University

Carollo, Dr M Johns Hopkins University

Chapman, Mr C University of Sydney

Chen, Dr AB National Central University, Taiwan

Cheng, Dr K California State University

Chun, Dr MS Yonsei University, Korea

Comeron, Dr F European Southern Observatory

Cram, Prof L University of Sydney

Crowther, Dr P University College, London

Dalton, Dr G University of Oxford

Davies, Dr JI University of Wales

Davies, Dr RD Durham University

Deguchi, Dr S Nobeyama Radio Observatory

Drew, Dr JE Imperial College, London

Drinkwater, Dr M Anglo-Australian Observatory

Dufton, Dr PL Queens University, Belfast

Evans, Rev R Uniting Church

Fender, Dr R Sussex University

Francis, Dr P University of Melbourne

Gies, Dr DR Georgia State University

Giles, Dr B University of Tasmania

Gilmore, Dr G Cambridge University

Green, Ms A University of Sydney

Hewett, Dr P Cambridge University

Higdon, Dr J Australia Telescope National Facility

Hill, Ms T University of Sydney

Hua, Dr CT Lab. d'Astronomie Spatiale, Marseille

Huang, Dr G National State University, Taiwan

Hulbert, Ms MG University of New South Wales

Hunstead, Dr RW University of Sydney

Ianna, Dr PA University of Virginia

Irwin, Dr M Royal Greenwich Observatory

James, Dr D University of Birmingham

James, Dr S Australian Defence Force Academy

Jeffries, Dr RD Keele University

Jelinsky, Dr S University of California, Berkley

Visitors and Colloquia

Jeon, Mr YB Korea Astronomy Observatory

Johnston, Dr H Anglo-Australian Observatory

Johnston, Mr S University of Sydney

Kanbur, Dr SM University of Glasgow

Kedziora-Chudczer, Ms L Australia Telescope National Facility

Keenan, Dr FP Queens University, Belfast

Kilkenney, Dr D South African Astrophysical Observatory

Koribalski, Dr B Australia Telescope National Facility

Kylafis, Dr N University of Iraklion, Crete

Lawson, Dr W Australian Defence Force Academy

Lee, Dr B Seoul National University

Lee, Dr SW Seoul National University

Liang, Dr H University of Bristol

Lord, Dr S California Institute of Technology

Lu,Dr PK Western Connecticut State University

Lumsden, Dr S Anglo-Australian Observatory

Mader, Ms SL University of Wollongong

Masci, Mr F University of Melbourne

Mobasher, Dr B Imperial College, London

Neff, Dr J University of Charleston, SC

O'Byrne, Dr J University of Sydney

Patterson, Dr R University of Virginia

Park, Dr WK Seoul National University

Quinn, Dr D Australian Defence Force Academy

Ramsay, Dr G University College, London

Reiss, Mr D University of Washington

Rhie, Dr SH Notre Dame University

Sadler, Dr EM University of Sydney

Schade, Dr DJ Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

Sealey, Ms K University of New South Wales

Shobbrook, Dr RR Retired

Smith, Dr C Australian Defence Force Academy

Smith, Dr L Sydney University

Smith, Dr RJ Institute of Astronomy Cambridge

Sood, Dr R Australian Defence Force Academy

Staveley-Smith, Dr L Australia Telescope National Facility

Storey, Prof J University of New South Wales

Stubbs, Dr C University of Washington

Sun, Dr WH National Central University, Taiwan

Sung, Dr H Seoul National University

Sung, Dr EC Korea Astronomy Observatory

Taylor, Ms M University of Sydney

MSSSO Annual Report 1997

Thaller, Ms M Georgia State University

Tsay, Dr WS National Central University, Taiwan

Van Breugel, Dr W Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Webster, Dr R University of Melbourne

Wehinger, Dr P Arizona State University

Wehrse, Dr R University of Heidelberg

Welsh, Dr BY University of California, Berkley

Whiteoake, Dr J Australia Telescope National Facility

Whiting, Mr M University of Melbourne

Woodgate, Dr B Nat. Aeronautics & Space Administration

Wu, Dr K University of Sydney

Wyckoff, Dr S Arizona State University

Yi, Mr J Seoul National University

Zealey, Dr W University of Wollongong