Tour de Stromlo 1997 Web Page


The 1997 Tour de Stromlo/Stromlo Gift was held on 17th October. This year a new event was included, namely the Mountain Bike Race.

Twenty one people participated in the various events and we are glad to say twenty one people made it to the finish line.

Times are recorded in the table below.

Foot Race Time Road Bike Race Time Mountain Bike Race Time
Tavis Hamer 10:12 Colin Vest 11:04 Jon Smillie 11:02
Martin Bureau 10:49 Peter Conroy 13:33 Mary Putman 16:44
David Pfitzner 10:54 Mark Allen 16:10 Tim Axelrod 16:48
Ian Price 11:49 Heath Jones 16:22
Peter Wood 13:13 Paul Francis 17:16
John Norris 15:00 Peter Young 17:44
Denis Bourne/Gay Kennedy 22:08 Lisa Germany 18:00
Brian Schmidt 22:25
Sung Kim/Fiona Aplin 22:59


Here are a few photos from the day. If anybody has some more please let us know.


Tavis finish

Presentation: Tavis Hamer

Presentation: Colin Vest , last revised 22nd October 1997.