Astronomical Python Tools

tprofiler – Tool to identify a Fits file according to header keywords. Once profiled it can read RA and dec and knows about certain aspects like pixel scale.

pyvo – Easy tool to read Catalogues with GET Method.

pywcsw – Wrapping a few functions of wcstools (D. Mink). The main function of this tools is to apply a WCS solution to an image. This is done fully automatic by matching up triangles of stars both in the image and in the catalogue

pyspec – Spectrum class. It can handle float slices and does arithmetic operation of spectra (interpolating when necessary).

pykurucz – Very simple program to get kurucz line lists from his web site. It spits them out in rec arrays. Very useful with MOOG.

pyphot – Doing photometric calibration. Brings the stetson catalogues. It has a gui written in matplotlib. – coming soon –

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