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P/2004 CB (LINEAR)

During routine astrometry with the 1.0-m to improve the orbit of the Apollo asteroid 2004 CB, the 'asteroid' was found on March 30 to have a short tail! On IAUC 8314 . it was renamed periodic comet P/2004 CB (LINEAR). The animation below is from three consecutive 10 second exposure taken in morning twilight on March 30. The comet head is almost asteroidal (FWHM ~2".2 in 1".8 seeing) but a narrow tail extends over 60" in PA ~280.

2004 CB with tail!

2004 CB on 2004 Mar 30, imaged with the 1.0-m at SSO
North is to the left and west is up
(c) ANU/RSAA 2004

Animated image, please wait for all frames to load.

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