The BS Tutorial Pages

Welcome to the tutorial pages for the BS stellar evolution code! These pages are designed to give an introduction to how to use some of the options within the code to evolve different stellar models. Each tutorial will have been tested to make sure it works at the time that it was posted. The code may have been subsequently broken -- you have been warned!

These tutorials are designed to only be an introduction to using the code. There is no subsitute for looking at the details of the code and working out what it does (and how it does it) for yourself. It would be advisable to have read the not-entirely complete manual before using the code.

  1. Overview of the code
  2. Evolving the Sun from the pre-main sequence
  3. Making a zero age main sequence
  4. Massive stars: mass loss and convective overshooting
  5. Bypassing the helium flash
Coming soon!

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