This page details the updates and changes I've made to this website since it's original iteration. It also shows some of the bugs that are known - if you have a solution, send it through to me! You'll get full credit!



The changes listed here are structural/design changes only. Changes to the content of each page are not tracked.

Version Date Change(s)
1.32 08 Jan 2014 Added GitHub to contact information
1.31 03 Jan 2014 Updated contact information in footer
Added talks to publications list
1.3 29 Dec 2013 Fixed collapsing margin issue (Bug 1)
1.2 28 Dec 2013 Implemeted jQuery alternating table row styles
Expanded CV section
1.1 24 Dec 2013 Altered header/footer background colour, added header background image
1.0 24 Dec 2013 Original website published


  1. Safari only: On pages where the content panel starts with a header/text (as opposed to some form of grid), the 'blurb' div gets separated from the navigation div. FIXED: Found to be different collapsing margins behaviour in Safari. Fixed by the inclusion of an invisible zero-height, zero-width div before the first tag inside the content div. Credit to this StackOverflow post for providing the answer.