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Ph.D. Thesis

I completed my Ph.D. in February 2012 at the Australian National University's Mount Stromlo Observatory, under the supervision of Profs. Michael Bessell and Warrick Lawson (UNSW). My thesis was entitled 'Revealing the Chamaeleon: Young, low-mass stars surrounding η and ε Chamaeleontis'.

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Refereed Articles (19)


A nearby young M dwarf with a wide, possibly planetary-mass companion
Deacon, N. R., Schlieder, J. E. & Murphy, S. J., 2016, MNRAS accepted
arXiv: 1601.06162


New members of the TW Hydrae Association and two accreting M-dwarfs in Scorpius-Centaurus
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arXiv: 1507.08002


Evolution from protoplanetary to debris discs: The transition disc around HD 166191
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Copious Amounts of Hot and Cold Dust Orbiting the Main Sequence A-type Stars HD 131488 and HD 121191
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Re-examining the membership and origin of the ε Cha association
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The GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey
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arXiv: 1207.1162 | Gemini Observatory press release
RX J0942.7-7726AB: an isolated pre-main-sequence wide binary
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2M1155-79 (= T Cha B): A Low-mass, Wide-separation Companion to the nearby, ''Old'' T Tauri Star T Chamaeleontis
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The Solar Neighborhood. XXVI. AP Col: The Closest (8.4 pc) Pre-main-sequence Star
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arXiv: 1108.5318 | ANU Press Release | Science NOW article | Australian Geographic article
Episodic disc accretion in the halo of the `old' pre-main-sequence cluster η Chamaeleontis
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arXiv: 0711.2337 | ANU Press Release

Background image credit: Akira Fujii